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Lewis Capaldi laughs off BRITs “Sam Capaldi” blunder


Lewis Capaldi has laughed off the BRIT Awards 2023 host Mo Gilligan’s blunder after he called the singer “Sam Capaldi” by mistake.

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Before Capaldi took to the stage, the host asked the audience to welcome to the stage “Sam Capaldi”. Lewis Capaldi then took to the stage to perform his single ‘Forget Me’.

Immediately after, viewers began sharing their confusion on Twitter. “Sam Capaldi,” one wrote, alongside an emoji with an eyebrow raised. “Who the frick is Sam Capaldi?” Asked another. “Glad the #Brits2023 is living up to its messy status. Never change babe.”

Capaldi has since laughed off the mistake by posting a mocked-up image of himself dressed in Sam Smith‘s flamboyant outfit at the ceremony with the caption: “Sam capaldi x”.

The picture was hailed by many fans including footballer Peter Crouch who declared Capaldi “a hero.”

After Capaldi’s performance, Gilligan acknowledged the mistake. “I have to apologise I did call him Sam,” he said. “It just goes to show how strong the drinks are at the…

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