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Latest ‘Zappacast’ Episode Features David Logeman Discussing ‘Zappa ’80: Mudd Club/Munich’


The ‘Zappacast’ podcast is celebrating the forthcoming Frank Zappa release entitled Zappa ’80: Mudd Club/Munich with a special guest appearance from frequent Zappa collaborator, David Logeman.

During the episode, host Scott Parker and producer Phil Surkis are on hand to ask David about auditioning for Frank Zappa’s band, the stamina it takes to play drums during a marathon Zappa performance, and his playing on the seminal album from Zappa, You Are What You Is.

Regarding his first audition, Logeman explains that he wasn’t particularly confident that Zappa would choose him for the band. “And at that time, I had no idea whatsoever that I would even have a remote shot. I just went down because I was a fan. And I think, ‘Okay, wow, I’m going to meet one of my heroes.’ And I thought it would be pretty much it. I heard through the grapevine that Frank had this reputation of a lot of drummers going through the revolving door of the Zappa Band, so I didn’t have any illusions about it at all.”

Fast forward to the end of the grueling audition process, and Zappa offered Logeman the gig in signature fashion. “We were there for hours and hours. At the end, he [Zappa] says, ‘You know, I think this is…

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