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Korean YouTuber Goes Viral After Being Criticized For Dangerously Live Streaming During Recent Typhoon Hinnamnor

Korean YouTuber Goes Viral After Being Criticized For Dangerously Live Streaming During Recent Typhoon Hinnamnor

Due to various reasons, such as extremely warm weather and the impact of global warming, countries worldwide have been seeing a rise in “natural disasters,” ranging from heatwaves, floods, and much more.

South Korea is no different. In August, the country was hit by huge floods that caused devastation for thousands of people.

The floods in Korea back in August | AJU News

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The flood led to seven deaths and six people missing. There was also a lot of damage to the city’s infrastructure, including subway stations, stores, and buildings.

Even though the country is still trying to recover, it was recently announced that Super Typhoon Hinnamnor, the 11th typhoon this year, would be hitting Korea, along with other Asian countries, including Japan and China.

The predicted course for Typhoon Hinnamnor | Tistory

After the announcement, netizens shared videos of the huge typhoon hitting their regions, with places like Pohang being impacted the most.

Yet, while people were urged to stay indoors and avoid traveling, one man has gone viral for doing the exact opposite and has been criticized for his “carelessness” amidst a dangerous typhoon.

In the age of social media, it isn’t odd for influencers to capture moments of danger to share with their followers worldwide. In screenshots captured, one Afreeca TV broadcaster was reporting on the issues. While speaking to his followers, he and viewers noticed a man standing on the rocks, and it looked like he was vlogging.

The man has been criticized for putting his life at risk | Wikitree

As soon as the broadcaster noticed, he started shouting at the man to move away from the rocks as it was clear that the waves were getting strong and more dangerous.

| Wikitree

In a GIF of the incident, it was clear that the YouTuber had no intentions of moving away from the water, despite the protests of the danger.

| theqoo       

Many wondered if any security had seen him, and footage shows that a guard had approached the man to warn him. However, due to the intenseness of the waves, it would’ve been a danger to him to go any further.

| theqoo

Later, the footage was released from the man who had been on the rocks. It was obvious how dangerous the waves were, and there was a clear reason why the government had put out warnings.

| theqoo

Although it isn’t clear whether it is the same person, another video was shared, and many shared that the same man had noticed the dangers and climbed out just to be hit by the waves. He then shamelessly got up, pulled his pants up, and continued walking without letting the selfie stick or camera get damaged.

| theqoo

While the YouTuber might have thought he was doing it for views and exposure, international netizens couldn’t hide their disgust towards the man. Many netizens couldn’t understand why he would do something so careless, while others shared their sympathy for the security guard who almost risked his life.

Many hope that the worst of the typhoon has gone, but the actions of the man have raised anger at those not taking the warnings seriously enough and putting other lives at risk. The man put himself in serious danger and could’ve avoided it if he wasn’t trying to share what was happening as “content.”

You can read more about the seriousness of the typhoon in Korea below.

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Source: wikitree and Pannchoa