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Kid Cudi To Launch New Clothing Line


Kid Cudi has confirmed the launch window for his hotly anticipated clothing line, Members Of The Rage (or MOTR, pronounced “motor”, for short).

Cudi first teased the brand last January, saying in Twitter thread that a clothing line based on his artworks had “been a long time comin[g] and another dream of [his]”. He promised “more madness, true vision [and] freshness” – as well as “the ultimate denims” – and went on to peg the summer of 2021 as his initial launch window.

That summer passed without the major launch of MOTR that Cudi had hyped up, although a run of shirts was released and promptly sold out, despite costing over £300 apiece.

Last week, Cudi returned to Twitter with more details on the impending launch of his MOTR clothing line, including a new, seemingly more finalized window of release. It started last Wednesday (December 21), when a fan asked the rapper what he was “most looking forward to in 2023”. He answered with the MOTR launch first, as well as his upcoming film projects and his daughter Vada’s 13th birthday.

In a subsequent string of Tweets on Thursday (December 22), Cudi expounded further on his plans for MOTR, explaining that items in the line are being “produced in…

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