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Kelly Clarkson Shoots Down Daytime TV Competition with Jennifer Hudson – Billboard


Kelly Clarkson is returning for another season of her hit talk show, but she’s not about to bring any drama to daytime TV. In a new interview, the singer opened up about welcoming pal and fellow American Idol alum Jennifer Hudson into the fold.

While America’s original Idol is stepping into the spot recently vacated by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she isn’t feeling too much pressure about filling the long-running talk show’s shoes.


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“I remember Oprah had that spot forever. And then Ellen came in. And I think what’s helpful for me is that those two women are very different,” she told Variety. “How they did their shows was very different, how they connected with people was different, their humor was different. One was a comedian, one was a journalist, and both were successful. To fill that slot doesn’t mean you have to do one thing — it’s important that we all stand out, and that we’re all different.”

The Kelly Clarkson Show may only be four seasons in, but the show’s gregarious host has already become something of a leader in a once-crowded field, particularly with the exits of Wendy Williams and Dr. Oz alongside DeGeneres. And she made it clear she’s ready to support the new faces launching their own shows this fall, including Sherri Shepherd and the EGOT-winning Hudson.

“Who would have thought two girls from Idol would be doing this type of thing?” Clarkson said of the season 3 Idol standout, whom Kelly also worked with on season 15 of The Voice. “There’s room for everyone. I just wanted to say that, because I don’t like how people pit us against each other. I want to be sure that everyone knows that we are supportive of each other. We are all so different, and daytime is an amazing platform for all of us to bring something positive into the world.”

During the interview, Clarkson also teased that her next album — a post-divorce follow-up to 2017’s Meaning of Life — will be arriving sometime in 2023 and hinted that she “definitely…probably…might” be returning to The Voice after taking the upcoming 22nd season off.