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KARD’s BM Speaks Out About The Israel-Palestine Conflict

KARD’s BM Speaks Out About The Israel-Palestine Conflict

KARD‘s BM publicly spoke about the Israel-Palestine conflict.

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Although the conflict has 75 years of history, it has garnered international attention over the past two weeks after Hamas’ October 7 attack on Israel, with 1,400 killed and 4,500 injured. Since then, there have been continuous retaliatory airstrikes by Israeli forces across the Gaza Strip, called “the world’s largest open-air prison,” amid reports of a coming land operation, and at least 3,400 innocent Palestinians have lost their lives and 12,000 injured. Food, water, and electricity have also been cut off as Gaza depends mostly on Israel.


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Few celebrities have used their platform to raise awareness for the humanitarian crisis. Yet, K-Pop idol BM from the co-ed group KARD has.

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Although BM’s birthday is today, October 20, he doesn’t feel like celebrating. He wrote on X (formerly Twitter) that “too many innocent people in Gaza” are losing the privilege to celebrate their birthdays. So, he asked for his fans to pray.

While Im able to celebrate another birthday, there are too many innocent people in Gaza losing that privilege. Please pray for all the lives lost…

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