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Jun So Min And Jin Seo Yeon Share Stories About Running Into Ex-Boyfriends On “Running Man”


On the latest episode of “Running Man,” Jun So Min and Jin Seo Yeon dished on past experiences running into their ex-boyfriends!

Actresses Jin Seo Yeon, Choi Yeo Jin, and Ok Ja Yeon all appeared as guests on the September 11 episode of the SBS variety show, and at one point during the episode, Yoo Jae Suk asked if anyone had ever run into their ex in real life.

Jun So Min immediately replied, “I have. This is what happened. I was really cool about it and said [in a friendly voice, while waving], ‘Oh! Hi, oppa.’ He definitely could see me, and he even has good eyesight, but he looked at me for a long time and then asked [as if confused], ‘Who is that?’”

“I was so angry, I wanted to hit him,” she continued with a laugh. “I was with my friends at the time, and what made it even worse was that after he did that to me, he happened to make eye contact with my friend while passing by. And he made this kind of [winking] expression at her.”

After everyone expressed their disgust at Jun So Min’s ex’s behavior, Jin Seo Yeon shared her own story about (almost) running into an ex-boyfriend.

“You know how when you date someone for a long time, you instinctively recognize them even by just seeing the frame of their body?” she asked. “I had opened a glass door and was about to walk in when I saw his body frame [from behind], so I immediately turned right back around and walked out.”

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