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Jin Sun Kyu Shares Why He Enjoys Portraying Villains, Love For His “Confidential Assignment 2” Co-Stars, And More


Jin Sun Kyu recently gave an in-depth interview about his new film “Confidential Assignment 2”!

Directed by Kim Sung Hoon, the 2017 film “Confidential Assignment” was about a North Korean detective named Rim Chul Ryung (Hyun Bin) and a South Korean detective named Kang Jin Tae (Yoo Hae Jin) teaming up to catch a criminal. Girls’ Generation’s YoonA also played Park Min Young, the sister-in-law of Kang Jin Tae.

The sequel is titled “Confidential Assignment 2: International” and follows Rim Chul Ryung heading back to South Korea in pursuit of a brutal and secret criminal organization. He teams up again with Kang Jin Tae, who volunteers to work with the North Korean in order to get back on the investigation team after a mistake landed him in the cyber crime department.

Jin Sun Kyu joins the original cast members as Jang Myung Joon, the leader of a North Korean criminal organization that has caused havoc all over the world. Daniel Henney also joins the series as Jack, an FBI detective from the United States who is on the trail of this organization.

Jin Sun Kyu’s “Confidential Assignment 2” character Jang Myung Joon is his first role as a villain in five years since he starred in the 2017 film “The Outlaws.” Despite being the bad guy, Jang Myung Joon is inexplicably pitiful, making viewers relate to and feel bad for him.

Right after its release on September 7, “Confidential Assignment 2” shot to the top of the box office, adding yet another hit project to Jin Sun Kyu’s filmography. When asked what drew him to star in this film, Jin Sun Kyu answered, “For starters, the script was fun. Also, I’ve never done a sequel. Even for ‘The Outlaws,’ I only did the first one. When ‘The Outlaws 2’ [‘The Roundup’] did really well, it felt like my child had done well so I was really happy.”

“I believed that all the actors who were appearing in both the first and second films would feel the same way,” he continued. “That’s why I thought, ‘I’ll have to do even better.’ For the first time in awhile, I played a villain-like villain. I tried to create a villain with a slightly different vibe. I wanted to try really hard [at a villain role] for the first time in five years.”

Elaborating on how he created this new villain, Jin Sun Kyu shared, “In the first film, there are a lot of scenes where the main characters go head-to-head against the villain. The sequel is about the cooperation to catch villain Jang Myung Joon, who is involved in a different, big case. That’s why [Jang Myung Joon’s] past is not really captured and this unravels in the script later on.”

Jin Sun Kyu revealed that he spoke a lot with director Lee Seok Hoon about something being missing with Jang Myung Joon and the conclusion they came to was to revamp his appearance. “I thought a lot about the way he spoke and his appearance. At first, we had a stylish concept. But thinking about it, even if Hyun Bin and Daniel Henney are just standing there, aren’t they stylish? We thought that me doing that artificially would be boring and less special so I grew out my hair.”

In real life, Jin Sun Kyu is often complimented on how kind and innocent he looks and is, and was thus asked how he’s able to portray villains so well. “The transformation of images through acting is so fun,” the actor replied. “Ever since I was young, I often heard, ‘You’re kind, you’re gentle.’ When I started acting, what I really liked was that I could shout and cry, so it felt like I could release all kinds of emotions on stage through acting. The experience of being imprinted as a character to others was also thrilling. If I release things I’ve kept inside me while portraying a villain, I feel relieved. This time too, it felt like airing out what’s been inside me for five years.”

Regarding his chemistry with his co-stars, Jin Sun Kyu shared, “In the movie, I only bickered with Hyun Bin. I didn’t get to meet with [Daniel] Henney for long and with YoonA, I’d only get to walk by and greet her on set after my scenes finished. We recently got closer in the short period we’ve done promotions and stage greetings. It was nice because we like and respect one another. I really like the original members as well as new face Henney, so we quickly began to feel like family.”

Jin Sun Kyu then shared his plans for Chuseok, which is known as the Korean equivalent of Thanksgiving. He explained, “I plan to watch ‘Confidential Assignment 2’ with my family. We will do stage greetings and meet viewers. I hope those reading this article with also spend their Chuseok with ‘Confidential Assignment 2.’ There are likely many people filled with worry because of the typhoon but I hope this becomes a holiday you can spend comfortably and enjoyably.”

Coming up next for Jin Sun Kyu is the boxing film “Count” (literal title), music film “Season of You and Me” (literal translation), and TVING’s original drama “Random” (literal translation).

Start watching “The Outlaws” here!

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