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[ISAC] Idol Star Athletics Championship 2022: Results And Winners


The highly-anticipated MBC program “Idol Star Athletics Championship” also known as ISAC made its exciting return this year!

Hosted by Jun HyunMoo, TWICE’s DaHyun, and FTISLAND’s Lee HongGi, the show boasted a lineup of some of the hottest idol groups in K-Pop at the moment.

The filming took place on July 30th and August 1st and the show aired over the past weekend. Here are the winners!

[ISAC] Idol Star Athletics Championship 2022: Results And Winners




Gold: NCT / Silver: ATEEZ


Gold: Brave Girls / Silver: Jo YuRi, Choi YeNa, Park HyeWon


Dance Sports 


1st place: P1Harmony’s InTak / 2nd place: WEi’s Kim DongHan / 3rd place: YOUNITE’s EunSang / 4th place: DKZ’s JaeChan


1st place: Kep1er’s XiaoTing / 2nd place: Billlie’s Tsuki / 3rd place: Kwon EunBi / 4th place: NMIXX’s SullYoon



Solo game

Gold medal: TEMPEST’s LEW

Duo game

Gold medal: MCND’s Bic & HuiJun

Team/squad game

Gold medal: YOUNITE


60m track


1st place: Cherry Bullet’s May / 2nd place: Cherry Bullet’s JiWon / 3rd place: PURPLE KISS’ Na GoEun / 4th place: Weeekly’s Monday / 5th place: LIGHTSUM’s HuiYeon / 6th place: H1-KEY’s HwiSeo


1st place: ATEEZ’s WooYoung / 2nd place: DKB’s D1 / 3rd place: CIX’s SeungHun / 4th place: P1Harmony’s Soul / 5th place: ATEEZ’s SeongHwa / 6th place: TEMPEST’s EunChan


400m relay


1st place: Weeekly / 2nd place: Rocket Punch / 3rd place: NMIXX / 4th place: Brave Girls


1st place: ATEEZ / 2nd place: VERIVERY / 3rd place: P1Harmony / 4th place: DKZ




Kim JaeHwan

Winning team

White team (Ha SungWoon, TAN’s TaeHoon, Kim JaeHwan (captain), DKB’s D1, KINGDOM’s Louis, MCND’s MinJae, DRIPPIN’s Kim DongYun, DKZ’s KyungYoon)

Losing team

Blue team (ONEUS’ SeoHo, TEMPEST’s EunChan, YOUNITE’s HyunSeung, ATBO’s Ryu JunMin, Jeong SeWoon, CIX’s SeungHun, WOODZ (captain), VERIVERY’s YongSeung, WEi’s Kim YoHan)


Congratulations to all the players!


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