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Interview: Evian Christ

Interview: Evian Christ

Evian Christ reveals the sublime vision of trance behind his debut album, Revanchist, in this short extract of his cover feature, taken from the latest print issue of Fact.

Evian Christ’s adoration extends across the breadth of trance and its various sub-genres; alongside throwing the fabled Trance Party, one of the best of its kind, and working on his recently released debut album, Revanchist, Evian Christ has spent the best part of the decade since his last proper release building a serious trance archive. Following the viral success of his experimental beat tape debut, Kings and Them, in 2012, the Ellesmere Port-based producer – whose real name is Joshua Leary – was tipped as the next big thing. Catching the ear of Kanye West, he landed a spot on Yeezus a year later, was rushed out on a US tour, and ushered into the studios of some of the biggest artists of the 2010s.

In so many ways, Joshua Leary’s debut album, Revanchist, emerges out of the head of Trance Party, serving as a potent distillation of the sounds that have informed the party since its inception, a consolidation of the contested cultural territory its anagram title playfully alludes to. The album is a product of almost every year…

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