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INTERVIEW: deemster (Formerly Run DMT) Shares New LP “Topsail” + Talks Artist Growth, Sonic Inspiration & Future Plans


After heavily influencing the dubstep scene under the moniker RUN DMT, Michael Collins is back better than ever and choosing to revisit the underground bass landscape on his own terms. Today the talented producer has officially unveiled his new project, deemster, alongside a debut album released via Gravitas Recordings in Topsail. As you’ll hear below, this new project is an ode to Collins’ initial inspirations within dance music, as well as his newfound hometown of Topsail, NC. We were lucky enough to sit down with the artist himself to talk about his new album, artistic growth since RUN DMT, and what the future holds for his new sound and project. Check out the interview below and be sure to turn up your speakers while streaming Topsail.

Deemster – Topsail | Stream

Run the Trap: Talk about how you’ve evolved creatively (as well as personally) from your last
Run DMT release in 2017 to now with Deemster 2023. What’s changed the most for you as an artist, as a person?

Deemster: After I put out Revolutionaire in 2017, after a year of work with only a couple of people involved to help, I was almost immediately burned out on everything remotely having to do with RUN DMT. It wasn’t until I got married…

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