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Interview: BAMBII

Interview: BAMBII

One of Toronto’s rising stars on how her Caribbean roots shape her approach as a DJ and producer.

In her debut EP Infinity Club, Toronto-based artist BAMBII’s productions are as discursive and innovative as her work as a DJ, inviting the listener to think about the euphoric release made possible when we find ourselves under the sway of a beat good enough to dance to. “I’m not a pseudo-spiritual person, but I found the right group of people,” she says. “ The things I was trying to do took off. I had a very open heart and things kind of flocked to me. I feel very lucky to be able to say that.”

In this In this interview with BAMBII – a short extract from a longer feature published in the new F/W 2023 issue of Fact’s print edition – she talks to Gazelle Mba about her debut EP, her philosophical approach to the club and how her background shapes her approach as a DJ.

Gazelle Mba: You’ve spoken a lot about the really powerful, liberatory emotions the club opens up for you. Could you talk more about that?

BAMBII: I think about it in a sociological and philosophical way. For me it’s like, what are we trying to do when we turn off the light and pack a bunch of people into a club? What is…

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