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How To Get Started As A Record Label In The Music Industry


Breaking into the music industry has always been notoriously challenging. While there are so many talented people out there, only a select few have the skills, work ethic and mindset it takes to make it in the long run. As if the industry wasn’t already difficult enough to make a profit in, streaming then came along and made it even more challenging for artists and record companies – diminishing their earnings significantly, since the majority of the money now goes to the streaming services. Of course, if you have a vision and a mission that you truly believe in, none of this should keep you from creating your own label. You just need to be willing to put in the work so that you can go in prepared for the challenges you’ll be facing. This is a long, arduous process that couldn’t possibly be compiled into one article – so instead, we’ll give you two of our most valuable tips to getting your record label off to a good start right down below.

Set The Tone With The Right Label Name

Before you can really get started establishing your label, you have to do the groundwork and lay the foundations. Finding a fitting name, for instance, is a great place to start. While you definitely want the name of your…

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