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House Of All: “We’re honouring what Mark taught us”

House Of All: “We’re honouring what Mark taught us”

Meet House Of All, a new band comprised entirely of ex-Fall members in our MAY 2023 issue of Uncut, available to buy here.

Last year, after The Fall’s co-founding guitarist Martin Bramah moved back to Manchester, he had an idea to form a band of former Fall musicians. He rang Marc Riley, the 6 Music DJ and early Fall member, but Riley told him he didn’t play music any more. Another ex-Fall guitarist, Craig Scanlon, said the same. Classic-era bassist Steve Hanley and his drumming brother Paul were interested, but Bramah was all set to shelve the idea when by chance he bumped into mid-period Fall drummer Simon Wolstencroft, aka Funky Si, who he’d barely seen since they played together during Bramah’s second spell in the group in 1990. “I thought, ‘Two drummers!’ Then it started to come together.”

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The final piece of the House Of All jigsaw was Pete Greenway, a younger guitarist who spent eight years in The Fall prior to singer Mark E Smith’s death. Gathered in a Manchester pub to talk to Uncut, the new group represents the entire lifespan of The Fall from 1976 to 2018, though Greenway had never met the others before. In fact, they…

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