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HHW Gaming Review: EA Motive’s ‘Dead Space’ Makes A Strong Case For Game of The Year Honors


Source: EA Motive / Dead Space

Visceral Games (RIP) shocked the video game world with the 2008 survival horror game Dead Space. Fast forward to 2023, and EA Motive has revived the game with a reimagining that gamers are calling a contender for Game of The Year.

Loading up the original Dead Space game right now, you will see how well it continues to age, which is a feat.

So there wasn’t an immediate need (outside of calls from hardcore fans) to remake the game, but here we are. Gone are the original development team who brought us the interstellar survival horror game, who went on to form a new studio and made a spiritual successor to Dead Space with The Callisto Protocol.

Taking over the reins is EA Motive, the studio behind the excellent Star Wars: Squadrons, who set out to rebuild the game from the ground up, delivering the definitive way to play Dead Space.

A Quick Refresher On The Horror

Dead Space

Source: EA Motive / Dead Space

In Dead Space, the story centers around Isaac Clarke, an engineer who will have to become a badass out of sheer survival when thrown into a mess that threatens to wipe out all humanity.

Clarke is part of a small team that answers a distress call from the USG Ishimura, a massive mining ship that…

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