Home Fashion Hermès'' s New Blush Makes a Compelling Case for Having Costly Taste

Hermès'' s New Blush Makes a Compelling Case for Having Costly Taste


Hermès'' s New Blush Makes a Compelling Case for Having Expensive Taste

It’s difficult having costly taste when you do not have much wealth to spare. That especially opts for appeal products– however there’s simply something so special about savoring a product with a creamy texture, great floral scent, or weighty gold packaging simply due to the fact that you wanted it enough to drop the huge dollars (and seeming like royalty after you do).

That’s why wallets everywhere immediately became endangered when fashion home Hermès (famous for its highly desirable Birkin bags) announced it was launching a beauty line in 2020, beginning with a series of high-end lipsticks. Those lipsticks, which sold out right off the bat, are now being followed with a brand-new variety of pressed-powder blushes called Rose Hermès Silky Blush Powder. Naturally, I needed to put them to the test; no shocker here, they’re every bit as splurge-worthy as their predecessors.

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< img alt="nicola dallasen wearing hermes blush in rose pomette review" class="responsive-image __ image" src="https://fabfourum.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/wLCvLK.JPG" srcset="https://fabfourum.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/wLCvLK.JPG 1600w, https://media.allure.com/photos/608852ddffbcd5044c1c08b0/master/w_1280%2Cc_limit/nicola%252520rose%252520pomette.JPG 1280w, https://media.allure.com/photos/608852ddffbcd5044c1c08b0/master/w_1024%2Cc_limit/nicola%252520rose%252520pomette.JPG 1024w, https://media.allure.com/photos/608852ddffbcd5044c1c08b0/master/w_768%2Cc_limit/nicola%252520rose%252520pomette.JPG 768w, https://media.allure.com/photos/608852ddffbcd5044c1c08b0/master/w_640%2Cc_limit/nicola%252520rose%252520pomette.JPG 640w" sizes="100vw"/ >< figcaption class="sc-fubCfw sc-iwyYcG dJbuzr fuhHkI caption sc-cipWhh cfGbbc asset-embed __ caption" >< period class="sc-fubCfw sc-pFZIQ sc-lmoMRL jetItr jNGtNy fqweOK caption __ credit" > Nicola Dall’ Asen First thing’s first, I need to talk about this product packaging, which is so lavish that I’m horrified to save it with the rest of my makeup and potentially get it unclean. As it chooses the lipsticks, this compact is white with gold information, consisting of a metallic seal embossed with the Hermès seal smack dab on the front. Like the lipsticks, this packaging is also magnetic, keeping the item inside great and safe from the components. When you split it open, you’ll catch a soft whiff of its soft and grainy flower scent– just strong enough that you can smell it throughout application however not a lot so that it’s frustrating or annoying to the senses.

If you prefer to appear like you just invested a day at the beach or opted for a run when you place on blush, these will absolutely be up your alley. All eight of the available tones are more on the subtle side with muted rose, soft pink, and peach tones. My individual favorite is unquestionably Rose Pomette, a true petal pink, which surprises the hell out of me because I have rosacea that’s focused on the apples of my cheeks that generally bars me from wearing pink blushes (I’m more of a terra-cotta woman).

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