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Here’s Why ‘High Infidelity’ Is Trending on April 29

Here’s Why ‘High Infidelity’ Is Trending on April 29

“Do you really wanna know where I was April 29th?” Taylor Swift asks in “High Infidelity,” a bonus track from her extended Midnights (3am Edition) album. “Do I really have to chart the constellations in his eyes?”

It was Swift’s “High Infidelity” that trended on Twitter on its first April 29, after being released six months ago (and to the dismay of some REO Speedwagon fans who thought 1980’s Hi Infidelity was maybe getting rediscovered on April 29).

Swifties had clever quips and memes aplenty across social media on Saturday, as well as celebratory tweets marking a new “holiday” to observe in the fandom.

“i cant believe april 29 never existed until taylor swift invented it,” one fan commented in a tweet, while another honored the day along with the birth of her nephew: “My nephew being born on High Infedility Day,” they wrote with a shocked face emoji.

Most prevalent were tweets referencing a widespread guess that Swift might perform “High Infidelity” for the first time ever — during the part of her Eras Tour set featuring two surprise songs Saturday night in Atlanta, following the live debut of “Coney Island” solo at Friday’s show — to observe High Infidelity Day. Some went into a…

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