Home Artist Halsey Transports to ’80s-Era Hollywood in ‘MaXXXine’ First Look

Halsey Transports to ’80s-Era Hollywood in ‘MaXXXine’ First Look

Halsey Transports to ’80s-Era Hollywood in ‘MaXXXine’ First Look

A24 revealed the first look at its upcoming slasher threequel MaXXXine on Monday, starring Mia Goth and Halsey.

“The life she deserves #MaXXXine,” the studio tweeted alongside a still of Goth’s Maxine walking beneath the bright harsh and garish lights of Hollywood in the 1980s alongside Halsey’s character, whose name has yet to be revealed. (The pop star does, however, sport a black pixie cut and floor-length fur coat as she side-eyes Maxine in the photo.)


Halsey to Star in Horror Film ‘MaXXXine’ With Mia Goth, Lily Collins, Kevin Bacon…


Contrary to her Little House on the Prairie-esque look from Ti West’s two previous films in the X trilogy — 2022’s X and Pearl — Goth’s murderous Hollywood hopeful has traded her brunette braids and prairie dresses for a tousled blonde mane and iridescent green windbreaker.

Set for release sometime later this year, MaXXXine will conclude the trilogy imagined by West. X tells the story of Maxine, an aspiring adult film star who…

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