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H.C. McEntire – Every Acre


“Shadows”, a standout on H.C. McEntire’s new album, ends with a muted chorus of frogs and crickets and other Carolina wildlife. It’s a stark yet vivid cacophony of natural sounds, which the singer-songwriter recorded near her former home in North Carolina. It arrives like quiet punctuation at the end of that gently despairing song, the “amen” after a prayer – yet you’d swear you could hear those noises throughout Every Acre, perhaps even on every album she’s ever made. In her solo career and stretching back even to her work with the bands Bellafea and the great Mount Moriah, McEntire has always found inspiration in the Tarheel countryside and in its long musical history: she has turned the state’s forests and hollers and rivers and snakes and deer into songs that pay no attention to the boundary fences between gospel and country and folk and psychedelic rock.

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Eclectic and immersive and unabashedly beautiful, Every Acre is the culmination of McEntire’s long collaboration with North Carolina. Every one of these songs includes a line like “cattails catching all the copperheads” or “yield is rich with yellow pine” and…

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