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Future Says He Should Be A Role Model For ‘What Not To Do’

Future Says He Should Be A Role Model For ‘What Not To Do’

Future has said young people shouldn’t be looking up to him, and that instead, he should be a role model of “what not to do.”

In a sprawling interview with BillboardPluto spoke candidly about his cultural impact and said it was “tough” to think of himself as an inspiration.

“That sh-t’s tough, bro. I think I need to be a vessel of what not to do,” he said. “In some things, I need to be a lesson on what to do. So, I think you live and learn through me and if I have to be that sacrifice, I guess so.”

He continued: “[I want] for somebody to live better than me. I want another artist to come behind me to do [what I’m doing] even better than I’m doing it. [I would want to] change the bad things they might see in me and make it better for them. That’s what I want more than anything.”

Future’s lyrics about drug use have become an especially notorious focal point for young rappers over the years, most infamously in the case of Juice WRLD, who prior to his fatal overdose had told Future during their first meeting that he had influenced the Chicago rapper to try lean for the first time.

“When he told me that, I was like ‘Oh shit. What the fuck have I done?” Future told Rolling Stone back in 2019. “It really bothered me. It bothered me a lot. More than I thought it would bother me when he told me that.”

In his interview with Billboard, Future continued: “If I was a role model, I wouldn’t want them to do the same exact thing that I’m doing, because the shit that I do is one of none. You can take certain things about me, and you can use it to help you to maneuver in life, to help progress and elevate. But using everything that I do — or just following every step — is going to be hard because I think I’m one of none.”

Elsewhere, Future spoke about his frequent baby mama drama and expressed a desire to get married and settle down.

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“If I was married, at home with my kids, man, it’d be way different. That’s a life I never lived. It’s something you dream about,” Future said. “That’s one of my dreams. It’s easy for other people, but for me, it’s just like, man, this rock star lifestyle, it don’t gel well.”

He continued: “For even creating music, I just feel like I’m missing out on something if I don’t make the music a certain kind of way. I really dedicated my entire life to my fans. I dedicated my entire life to my music. Everything that I love, everything that I got, I put it in music. And the outcome is yet to be determined, still to this day.”

In other Future news, his most recent album I NEVER LIKED YOU was nominated for Best Rap Album at the 2023 Grammys, and he is set to headline Rolling Loud’s next California edition alongside other rap stars like Lil Wayne and Playboi Carti.