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Frank Ocean Shares Cryptic Message About New Album


Like many people, I can appreciate a good cryptic message about the future. Thankfully artist Frank Ocean recognizes that. Frank Ocean has recently shared a rather strange and cryptic message with his fans hinting at his new album. It has been over six years since the release of Ocean’s last album and fans were eager to consume the cryptic message doled out. 

According to Stereogum, the message can be found on the back of his “Blonded’ posters. The message claims “The Recording Artist has since changed his mind about the singles model, and is again more interested in durational bodies of work.”. Yes, fans may be reading into the message as a declaration of another album, but after nearly seven years the fans have grown desperate. Frank Ocean fans are so desperate and hopeful that he will make a return that they noticed a message on the back of posters and were eager about it enough that several news sources are reporting on it. If Ocean was not already planning an album, he should take this as a message to speed up and begin working. Frank Ocean fans are hungry and it is time the artist provides.

Photo credit: Marisa Rose Ficara

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