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Finnish style gets redefined by brand-new disruptor Vaarnii


Finnish design gets redefined by brand-new disruptor Vaarnii

< img src=" https://fabfourum.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Rtztnd.jpg" class=" ff-og-image-inserted"/ > Finnish style gets redefined by brand-new disruptor Vaarnii

Recently introduced design brand name Vaarnii got a group of international designers to develop a collection of minimalist furnishings in pine wood, readily available from Finnish Design Shop and Artek

What is Finnish design? According to Antti Hirvonen, co-founder of Finnish furniture brand Vaarnii, ‘Finnish style is usually seen through the lens of modernism: there was Alvar Aalto and a really talented group of individuals that followed after him, and they quite defined what Finnish design looks like. However our inspiration precedes that. So we wished to consider what the Finnish design vernacular would look like today.’

A Finnish furnishings brand with an international technique

An easy chair by British designer Max Lamb for Vaarnii, made from pine wood and photographed at one of the business’s workshops

Vaarni was established by Hirvonen (a design supervisor with experience at Artek and Tom Dixon) and Miklu Silvanto (a commercial designer who has actually worked at Apple along with Jony Ive and is currently primary style officer at Bang & & Olufsen): after investing over a decade far from their home country, the set wished to return to begin a new Finnish design project.

Vaarnii makes its launchings with a collection of wood furniture and accessories by worldwide designers including Philippe Malouin, Mac Collins, Industrial Center, Kwangho Lee, and Max Lamb. The creators specify its design as ‘brutal and advanced’, reflecting, Hirvonen explains, ‘the distinct qualities and complex qualities of Finnish culture: there is an off-balance in between the two; for instance we have grim, dark winter seasons and wonderful summer seasons.’

Amongst highlights from Vaarnii’s debut collection are an angular easy chair by Max Lamb, asymmetrical mirrors by Industrial Facility, tough bowls by Mac Collins, and a chunky coffee table by designer duo Soft Baroque. The mix of furniture and objects likewise consists of a long bench by Kwangho Lee, essential tables and chairs by Fredrik Paulsen, and door stoppers developed internal and inspired by a splitting wedge.

Finnish style in pine wood

A coffee table by Soft Baroque for Vaarnii made from intersecting pine wood cylinders

At the heart of the brand are products and production, two aspects that, Hirvonen notes, are commonly readily available in Finland with a variety of excellent furnishings workshops and abundant materials of wood. Wood is main to the Vaantii story: ‘In Finland, you have two options of wood. You have birch, and you have pine,’ continues Hirvonen. ‘Birch has been performed in numerous cool various ways for many years, and pine has been the perennial underdog.’ In reality, pine was a popular wood until the 1990s, and Hirvonen and Silvanto thought the time was ideal for its go back to furnishings style. While its yellow tone and abundance of knots had gone against it in the past, Vaantii has embraced these and made them part of the brand’s aesthetic identity. ‘Pine has an actually psychedelic grain,’ notes Hirvonen, for whom this is a plus. ‘It’s a really tricky material to manage, you never understand what you’re going to find and it just makes it intriguing.’

Vaarnii’s collections made their launching at two quintessentially Finnish design organizations: Artek’s Helsinki store, which hosts the complete series of items; and Finnish Style Store, the brand name’s primary online merchant up until it makes a broader worldwide debut in autumn 2021.

The company’s operations follow some carefully outlined values: its styles, however also its manufacturing, skills and material sourcing, are honest, regional, long-lasting and non-traditional. ‘It takes approximately 100 years for a pine to grow to be all set for carpentry use,’ says Hirvonen. ‘We assure that our products are going to last at least that long, but most likely even longer.’ §
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