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Fernando Garcia: The Art of Sexy


Fernando Garcia: The Art of Sexy

, 2020 Words by Angelika Pokovba Maybe in a good telenovela, Fernando Garcia would be yet another supporting character in the story, however his truth is one of fantasy. The designer is the co-creative director at both his own brand Monse and his training-base Oscar de la Renta, where he drapes daring and definitely contrasting silhouettes.

Garcia is recognized on a first-name basis within the market. Originally from the Dominican Republic, he studied architecture while his dreams of style remained on the sidelines. However in good Latin tradition, as he describes, through a family connection, Garcia ultimately found himself interning with Oscar de la Renta himself in New York City City. It was there that he satisfied Laura Kim, who would later on become his imaginative partner. In 2015 the two released their own label, Monse, and a year later on they were designated imaginative heads of the home at Oscar de la Renta.

Fernando Garcia Monse

Fernando Garcia Monse

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a Monse fitting.” It’s the most significant blessing to have these two imaginative functions since every designer, no matter how one-note they feel they are, all at one point or another desire they could do the total opposite just for one collection, “Garcia says.” I get to have the luxury of revealing the two totally opposite sides of my brain in this market. “Monse and Oscar de la Renta could not be more different– the previous a truthful and bold evolution of hot, and the latter a more sophisticated and ageless outlet. It resembles a grunge infant strolling into the Romantic Age, and Garcia is the fortunate one to time-travel. Most significantly, his collections are not” Fernando Garcia for” however real embodiments of the ethos of each private label. His signature is evident through the execution, permitting him to reinvent himself endlessly in such a way that is consistently compelling.

Monse Spring 2019 runway looks.

With a team of only 4 for the first two seasons at Monse, Garcia became one of the fastest-rising designers thanks to celebrities like Amal Clooney and Sarah Jessica Parker sporting his developments on the red carpet. Quite the social butterfly and a quickstudent, he was set for success. A sluggish speed ran out the concern; right after its launch, the brand was equipped by Net-a-Porter, Bergdorf Goodman, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Monse, it appeared, was unstoppable.

Garcia’s architectural background has really helped him see style through a new lens. “If I were an architect I ‘d be believing ‘There are a lot of windows in this front façade– we require to strip them down to make certain it’s well balanced,'” he states. And easily, he established his signature: loud, uneven, and clean-cut pieces that resemble a manly form. The expansion to menswear was a logical development, as the basis was always in deconstructing menswear on a ladies’s body.

Outtakes from Pre-Fall 2019 collection.

By taking things apart, Garcia streamlined the total essence of Monse’s clothing. The brand first took a t-shirt dress, sliced it as much as look more contemporary, and instilled it with the sensibility seen in fundamental menswear. However Garcia is entirely selfless when it comes to his style technique. “I think I project all of my concepts into the world due to the fact that I have nothing for myself left,” he says. “My individual design is really dull.”

Throughout the Fall/Winter 2020 season, Garcia and Kim had two days between the two runway shows. Oscar de la Renta presented a line of color-blocked evening-wear in juxtaposition to the dark shades of the more youthful brand. Monse, on the other hand, was a “delighted punk” compilation of grungy pieces. “I would like for individuals to think about it as a brand name that was able to answer that question of designing dresses that are sexy and interesting at the same time.”

Fernando Garcia Monse

Fernando Garcia Monse

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/ > The designer hand-draping a model’s gown. To specify his own picture of the new” sexy,” Garcia has always sought to urban trailblazers like Sarah Hudson and Kate Young– he desires to concentrate on courageous ladies who take dangers with style. However throughout all of it, he remains concentrated on being himself and funneling that into his productions. “I feel the exact same method about style,” he states. “If I’m inhibiting myself, I am not doing anyone any good.”

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