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Fans Are Overjoyed to See De La Soul Albums on DSPs


After the anticipation for throwback De La Soul albums to come to DSPs, fans have reacted to revisiting their favorite projects from the trio.

While the arrival of De La Soul music to DSPs has been bittersweet, fans are celebrating the reintroduction of the Long Island hip-hop trio. Beginning Friday (March 3), De La’s first six albums via Tommy Boy Records – 1989’s 3 Feet High and Rising; 1991’s De La Soul is Dead; 1993’s Buhloone Mindstate; 1996’s Stakes Is High; 2000’s Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump; and 2001’s AOI: Bionix – are officially on DSPs.

The release comes ten days after group member Trugoy the Dove, legal name David Jolicoeur, died at 54-years-old. In dedication to the group’s Plug Two, journalist Timmhotep Aku wrote a tribute to De La for Gothamist, interviewing hip-hop artists, like Quelle Chris and Cavalier, who were inspired by the trio.

“In New York, there are a lot of tough neighborhoods — even in Long Island. And as young men, sometimes you don’t get to decide where you stand in the economy of the different paths you can go,” said Queens rapper deem spencer, who released new album, adultSW!M on Friday. “And De La, they wore their personalities naturally…

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