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Elvis Costello, Night Three: ‘To Tell The Ugly Truth’


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Elvis Costello is performing 200+ songs from his 600+ songbook over 10 consecutive nights at the Gramercy Theater in New York from Feb. 9-22. Costello superfan (and comedian) Connor Ratliff is bringing us the highlights from every night of the historic run. Catch up on his reports from Night One and Night Two here. 

Night Three of Elvis Costello’s 10-night stand at New York’s Gramercy Theatre focused on his darkest themes yet, dominated by songs of murder, violence, war, capital punishment, terrorism, fascism and other equally light-hearted topics.

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An early shout-out for “Radio Radio” was met with a reminder that this wasn’t a “request show” but a curated evening of carefully selected material. (If that gentleman had read the large print for this series, he would’ve known that he can hear that particular song on Night Ten, 2/22). 

He opened with “Complicated Shadows,” a song about killing and its consequences — written for (but, inexplicably,…

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