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Dandelion Bubble Braids Are the Cutest Spring Hair Look


Dandelion Bubble Braids Are the Prettiest Spring Hair Look

Alternately, you can tease the hair at the base of that first flexible to produce the base for the bubble effect before adding the 2nd hair tie, Marjan recommends. Then, a spritz of hairspray will assist tame any flyaways.

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If you have a lot of layers in your hair and wish to restrict the quantity of hair poking out of your bubbles, you can just make more. “Make smaller sized areas that are better together to keep the layers nicely tucked into each elastic,” Newman discusses.

Discovering the Right Flowers

Wish to add some bright blossoms to your bubble braids like Newman? You’ll desire to choose dandelions (or any other wildflower of your option) with a strong stem that “will not be snapped the elastics,” he encourages. “Likewise, keep the stem long to make it easier to work with, then break off the excess after attaching the flower.”

To make sure the flowers stay in place, pull open the elastic and slide the flower in. If you’re having problem doing so, completion of a tail comb assists, Newman notes. Another option is holding the flower in place on the pigtail and securing the flexible around both the stem and the section of hair.

Oh yeah, bubble braids also work double duty. Once you take out the hair ties and dandelions, you’ll be entrusted to a brand-new style: heatless, beachy waves. This is a second-day hairstyle I absolutely will be working into my spring appeal regimen.

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