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Chuu Gains Attention For Her Subtle Makeup Change That Made A Noticeable Impact


Chuu was the tenth member of LOONA to be introduced to fans and greeted the world in December 2017 with her signature charming and bubbly style.

Chuu in 2018

Since her debut, Chuu has kept her hair and makeup styling mostly the same, keeping her hair long with blunt bangs. Her makeup has also been kept peachy and light, allowing her natural beauty to shine.

Although she’s experimented with different hair colors over the years, they’ve also been mostly natural hair colors. Chuu looks incredible no matter what style she tries and seems to have found her signature style early in her career.

Chuu in 2021 | @loonatheworld/Twitter

While there hasn’t been a drastic change in her appearance over the years, netizens did notice a subtle change in her makeup that had a luxurious effect.

Early in her career, Chuu kept her eye makeup minimal, with a subtle pop of color, eyeliner following the waterline of her eye, and her eyelashes carefully curled into long yet natural-looking lashes.

Chuu in 2020 | @loonatheworld/Instagram

Chuu in 2019

Lately, eagle-eyed netizens noticed that the lovable singer has been drawing her eyeliner past her waterline to create an adorable “puppy dog eyeliner” makeup look.

Chuu in 2022

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