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Celeb Lookalike: TREASURE’s JunKyu And Cho YiHyun


YG Entertainment / Cho YiHyun’s Instagram

Welcome to the nineteenth article of Kpopmap’s bi-weekly series “Celeb Lookalike“!

This series will look at two or three popular Korean celebrities that are known for looking like each other and how similar their visuals are.

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Readers voted for TREASURE’s JunKyu and Cho YiHyun in our bi-weekly poll to be featured this week. Fans believe they have a big resemblance to each other.

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WJSN’s YeoReum and Girls’ Generation’s TaeYeon

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Back to this week’s feature

Firstly, the overall vibe of TREASURE’s JunKyu and Cho YiHyun’s facial features matches quite closely.

Celeb Lookalike: TREASURE's JunKyu And Cho YiHyun

YG Entertainment / Netflix

Their nose and eye shapes are also quite similar.

Celeb Lookalike: TREASURE's JunKyu And Cho YiHyun

YG Entertainment / ELLE

Even one of their go-to self poses adds to their resemblance. They both love a pouty wink pose and have several selfies using it.

Celeb Lookalike: TREASURE's JunKyu And Cho YiHyun

TREASURE’s Twitter / Cho YiHyun’s Instagram

What do you think of their visuals? Do you see the resemblance?

Are there any other Korean celebrities that you think look alike? Let us know in the comments.


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