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BTS’s V Sparks An Unexpected Debate Amongst ARMYs With His Two Unique Looks At The Recent “Seo Jin’s” Schedule


BTS‘s V has always gained attention for his unreal taste in fashion and can basically send the internet into meltdown with any look on any given day.

Since debuting, V has wowed fans with his unreal fashion taste and his ability to look good in everything he’s wearing.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

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Recently, V caused a buzz with his outfits at a schedule for an upcoming variety show appearance.

On February 3, BTS’s V joined fellow Wooga Squad members for a schedule ahead of the release of the variety show Seo Jin’s. As expected, all three stars looked stunning and shined with their visuals.


Yet, his outfits also seemed to send the internet into meltdown for many reasons.

When V finally left the filming, he was wearing a simple-fitting suit ensemble with a black blazer, shirt, and pants. Of course, despite the minimalistic colors, V looked absolutely amazing and somebody who wouldn’t look out of place on a runway.



The outfit was even more impressive when ARMYs found out the blazer was actually a piece from CELINE and was backless.


When netizens realized that the blazer V was wearing…

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