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BTS’s Suga Spills On His Strategy For Dealing With Sadness


BTS are often praised for their honesty in expressing themselves to fans. For instance, Suga once shared his diary-entry style Twitter with fans, opening up about his internal struggle after “not being able to perform on stage and [disappointing] many fans.

I wanted to do something that 24-year-old Min Yoongi could do and not 24-year-old Suga. This was a time for me to reflect on myself and the stories I am about to tell is not about a singer and fan or BTS and ARMY, but about a person telling their story to people.

— Suga

In an interview with Weverse Magazine in 2021, Suga revealed that he was working to improve his well-being, wanting to understand himself better. And while he shared that he had definitely found success in pursuing “emotional stability,” fortunately, his well-being didn’t impact the emotion he portrays in his music.

They don’t have a big effect on it. I think it affects the way I write lyrics a bit, but I’m not working on any lyrics at the moment. I’ve been making music for a long time, so I think it’s possible for me to express emotions I’m not feeling in the moment.

— Suga

Now in the latest episode of BTS’s well-loved variety show, Run BTS!, Suga shared one of his tips for dealing…

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