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BTS’s Suga Responds To ARMYs Claiming They’ve Found The Location Of His “7” Friendship Tattoo


One of the hottest topics in 2022 has to be BTS‘s friendship tattoos. Since the start of the year, the members have slowly been revealing their adorable “7” tattoos on social media. However, there is one person who has left ARMYs waiting and wondering, and it’s none other than Suga

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

The whole conversation started after V was the first member to talk about the group planning to have matching tattoos while answering a fan on Weverse.

ARMY: Don’t get a tattoo!!!!!!!!!!

V: That’s something I’ll decide on my own, and the members and I always talked about getting a friendship tattoo. We’re going to get a friendship tattoo one day. Look forward to it 🥰🥰

| Weverse

Since then, six of the members have revealed to ARMYs (in very different ways) where their friendship tattoos are.

BTS Jungkook’s tattoo | @polyc_sj/Instagram

BTS RM’s tattoo | @rkive/Instagram

Suga is the only one who has stayed quiet but he’s once again come back with an update after allegations from ARMYs that they knew where his tattoo was.

Recently, BTS released photos from their new Dalmajung pictures. All of the members looked amazing, but particular attention was paid to Suga, who looked ethereal against the calming background and dressed in an elegant hanbok.



Yet, when some of the images were shared, eagle-eyed netizens thought they saw something out of the ordinary. On the bottom of Suga’s foot, many saw a mark and immediately assumed that it might be Suga’s friendship tattoo.

In particular, it seemed plausible after a past interview was brought back where Suga explained that if he got a tattoo, he would do it somewhere like on his foot where it can’t be seen.

“If you’re getting a tattoo, what and where do you want it?” Grazia asked. Suga jokingly said he would get a dot of ink on his toe. “I’m trying to minimize the visibility,” he explained. “but I don’t know yet. I could change my mind and tattoo my whole back next year (laughs).”

| Grazia

Even more recently, during a live broadcast, Suga revealed that he actually only got it done because the rest of the members wanted to do it together.

| Weverse

Once again, BTS prove that they’re always ready to interact with ARMYs and shut down rumors. Shortly after the tweets were gaining attention online, Suga decided to go onto Weverse and personally address the rumors of his tattoo.

One ARMY was very direct by sharing a picture of where they thought the tattoo was. As expected from Suga, he was quick to shut them down, going, “It’s not there…”

| Weverse

Considering it wasn’t his tattoo (and Suga seemed in no way ready to share the location), someone explained that if it wasn’t a tattoo, what was the mark that ARMYs were seeing? Yet, it seemed like Suga was just as confused, adding, “I don’t know what [that is] either…”

| Weverse

Hopefully, it won’t be long before Suga actually spills on his tattoo, but he has always been one of the more private members. Whether it is tomorrow or next week, ARMYs worldwide will be waiting for the day Suga finally reveals his tattoo, and it will undoubtedly send the internet into meltdown.

You can read more about Suga talking about his tattoo below.

BTS’s Suga Cheekily Teases ARMYs About The Location Of His “7” Friendship Tattoo

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