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BTS Jin’s Idea For “The Astronaut” MV That Made It Even More Emotional

BTS Jin’s Idea For “The Astronaut” MV That Made It Even More Emotional

Jin’s creative feedback shaped one of the most touching scenes.

It’s been a little over two weeks since BTS‘s Jin released his solo debut single, “The Astronaut,” and by now, ARMYs know just how much thought, care, and love went into his solo song.

BTS’s Jin filming “The Astronaut” MV | @jin/Instagram

Jin worked closely in collaboration with Coldplay to deliver a message of love and appreciation to ARMYs and also worked to convey that in his stunning cinematic music video.

In a recent interview with his new character Wootteo,  Wootteoview: Wootteo’s observation log of Jin ‘The Astronaut,’ Jin opens up about what the song meant to him and how he expressed himself in the music video.

I was an insecure astronaut when you came to me like fate. You let me experience a new feeling and now I’ll spread the love I’ve gained… [With this song] I wanted to express my love beautifully and give it to ARMY. I wanted to show how [ARMY] made me feel.

— Jin

BTS Jin’s “The Astronaut” MV | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Jin explained how his own experience of “drifting aimlessly” through life before finding his purpose contributed to the deep meaning behind the song’s lyrics.

While preparing the song’s music video, the creative team met to review the storyboard, and Jin’s input made the video even more emotional.

In Wootteoview: Wootteo’s observation log of Jin’ The Astronaut,’ Jin gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at the creative meeting. The meeting seemed to pick up from a previous gathering where Jin had provided feedback that he wanted the music video’s story to be more intuitive and less complicated to follow.

Jin appreciated the changes made leading up to the meeting and had a suggestion for the end of the video when Jin, as the astronaut, decides not to return to space. Instead of simply walking away from the spaceship, Jin thought it would be more impactful for traces of the little girl to show up in the scene.

The team liked the idea and began bouncing ideas off each other on how they could bring Jin’s vision to life.

The end result became one of the many touching moments that resonated with ARMYs.

When Jin arrives at the location of the spaceship, he’s overcome with memories he created with the little girl, and as he reflects on them, he decides to remain on Earth.

Check out more of the touching moments from “The Astronaut” below!

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