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Boy Crush: The Immeasurable Talent That Is WOODZ, Why He Deserves All Of The Recognition And More


If you are a Kpopmap reader, you would’ve noticed that there is an ongoing weekly series called “Girl Crush” that explores women in the Korean industry that many admire and have a crush on.

Welcome to the ninth article of our weekly series “Boy Crush“! This series will appreciate the men in K-Pop and K-Dramas that we have a crush on based on anything from their style, talent, personality, overall vibe, etc. We will be getting to know more about the most crushable boys in the Korean industry and all of their incredible achievements.

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Let’s get to know our crush, WOODZ!

Boy Crush: The Immeasurable Talent That Is WOODZ, Why He Deserves All Of The Recognition And More

Yuehua Entertainment

WOODZ is the stage persona of an indescribably talented Korean artist named Cho SeungYoun. He is best described by MOODZ (his fandom) as a full package of an artist and today we will be diving into and unwrapping that package.

To those who are new to WOODZ here is some basic information about him. Born on August 5, 1996, WOODZ lived in Brazil as a child. He was initially a football player using the name Luizinho. He lived there for 2 years and showed a lot of potential on the field. After studying in Brazil, he moved to the Philippines and stayed there for some time before going back to Korea. He has been a global citizen since he was young.

WOODZ was destined for the stage and it’s clear that he knew that. He ended up going back to Korea after passing an audition that he didn’t tell his parents about, showing his dedication to his career path.

He passed the YG Entertainment audition in one go and was a trainee there for about a year and a half.

WOODZ began his music career as a member of UNIQ in 2014. UNIQ is a 5-member group with Chinese and South Korean members under Yuehua Entertainment, made with the help of YG Entertainment. He did not have a stage name at the time of their debut and is known in the group as UNIQ’s Cho SeungYoun. He is the main rapper, sub-vocal, and lead dancer.

You can check out their hit song ‘EOEO’ here.


‘EOEO’ doesn’t seem to age and is still a bop at present. In fact, many fans believe that if the song was released now it would be popular all over again as it was a song ahead of its time. This is proof of the fact that this group was fated for success but, unfortunately, due to restrictions on K-Pop in China starting in 2016, it became difficult for them to promote together.

The UNIQ members managed to do a V-Live together where they expressed how sorry they were to fans about the situation.

Luckily for fans, WOODZ still proudly wears the UNIQ name badge on his chest and makes sure to remind people of them even during his personal promotional activities. For example, fans got a treat in 2021 when WOODZ showed off UNIQ’s group greeting, “U N I (You and I), hello, we are UNIQ!” on the 2021 tvN program “Mom Is An Idol“.


Boy Crush: The Immeasurable Talent That Is WOODZ, Why He Deserves All Of The Recognition And More

WOODZ especially filled fans’ UNIQ cup when he celebrated the group’s 7th anniversary alongside fellow member SungJoo in November last year.

Boy Crush: The Immeasurable Talent That Is WOODZ, Why He Deserves All Of The Recognition And More

WOODZ’s Twitter

Not only was this heartwarming for fans to see, but it showed just how much WOODZ cares for the group. In fact, WOODZ has said that his UNIQ days actually influenced the way that he performs. He once shared how the reason why he prefers to sing live on stage is that all of the UNIQ members hated lipsyncing and always insisted on singing live. This was regardless of how difficult the choreography is.

Considering these nostalgic moments, many fans are holding out hope that UNIQ could someday make a comeback or have a reunion with all of the members and once again show fans their admirable performance power.

In 2016, WOODZ was able to show off his rap abilities on the popular hip-hop survival show “Show Me The Money 5” where he became known for having an iconic unique high tone.

He had a notable performance alongside rapper Flowsik where the two complimented each other through contrasting rap tones.


Idols who go on the show often deal with a lot of prejudices about their abilities, but WOODZ gained the admiration of the judges and contestants alike. Rapper Kush told WOODZ, “Without taking the prejudice of you being an idol into account, you’re a very charming rapper when you rap.” We couldn’t agree more. As an artist, WOODZ is a powerful rapper that we could listen to all day.

In fact, WOODZ and Flowsik became close and later collaborated on a track called ‘RECIPE’. The song was released under his rap name Luizy (which he used before he became WOODZ).


In 2018, he officially started using the name WOODZ for his solo activities and in 2019 he joined “Produce X 101“. He gained a lot of traction on the show by displaying his all-rounder prowess and proving that when it comes to singing, rapping, and dancing there is nothing that WOODZ can’t do. He is a living embodiment of the term ‘all-rounder’.

If you want to fall in love with every single last one of his charms, check out this fancam from his ‘MOVE’ performance.


WOODZ became part of the final “Produce x 101” lineup and debuted as a member of  X1 in August 2019, using his birth name. In X1, WOODZ was known for being a jack-of-all-trades and earned massive respect from fans for being multi-talented. During this time he showed a Matryoshka-doll-like charm. Matryoshka dolls are wooden dolls that you can unstack to find another doll inside. WOODZ showcased his talent just like these dolls during his time in X1. Just when you thought you had seen it all, he unlocked another level of talent.

Check out this fancam of WOODZ performing ‘FLASH’. It shows his overwhelming stage charisma. Anyone who watches it has no choice but to fall head over heels for WOODZ as a performer.


Unfortunately, the group was not able to promote for long before disbanding, due to a controversy. However, that was not the end of the road for WOODZ. This was just a tiny stumble along his path to success as he is an artist who can only go upwards.

We’ve come this far into the article but have yet to cover even half of what makes WOODZ such a successful and lovable artist. Let’s get into WOODZ and his allure as a solo artist and person next. As we’ve said in the title, it is immeasurable.

To emphasize, WOODZ’s vocal and rap skills are a testament to how wide his musical and vocal range is. He can digest any genre and magnifies his skills through his musicality. His voice especially has a silkiness to it that manifests in strong vocal technique and is accented by delightful falsettos.

One of his must-listen covers to fully appreciate his voice is this cover of ‘There is No One Like You’ by Lee SeungChul.


Another song that you absolutely have to listen to is his live performance of his song ‘WAITING’. His live vocals sound like he swallowed his CD to simply play it back for you. WOODZ’s honey vocals make any performance sound effortless and like the sweetest serenade.


Remember that time earlier in the article when we said that WOODZ is an all-rounder? Well in case you missed it, we’ll say it again. WOODZ is not only vocally gifted but quite the performer. His dance lines are clean and precise. His specialty is making choreography seem effortless.

You can check out this dance practice video for ‘DREAM’ to see what we mean.


Producing is yet another of WOODZ’s talents. He has a number of credits for his creative writing, composing, and arranging of songs including the majority of his own. As we said, there seems to be nothing that he can’t do.

Each time WOODZ performs, he serves us a masterpiece from start to finish, including the ending fairy.

Boy Crush: The Immeasurable Talent That Is WOODZ, Why He Deserves All Of The Recognition And More

This leads to the fact that WOODZ is the king of aesthetic and captivating auras. From the onstage looks that he serves down to his Instagram posts (on @woodz_dnwm), WOODZ is a whole fashionable mood.

Boy Crush: The Immeasurable Talent That Is WOODZ, Why He Deserves All Of The Recognition And More

WOODZ’s Instagram

We lowkey believe that WOODZ was probably a model in his past life, which totally makes sense if you consider how sexy and handsome his visuals are.

Boy Crush: The Immeasurable Talent That Is WOODZ, Why He Deserves All Of The Recognition And More


Boy Crush: The Immeasurable Talent That Is WOODZ, Why He Deserves All Of The Recognition And More


Boy Crush: The Immeasurable Talent That Is WOODZ, Why He Deserves All Of The Recognition And More


WOODZ offers a masterful persona both onstage and off of it. Just when you think there are enough reasons to love him, he adds more by proving that he is not only a talented artist but also a genuine person.

WOODZ is known for being a social butterfly and having a lot of friends in the industry. It’s no surprise as he has such an endearing personality and energy. His close friend VICTON’s SeungWoo once said that if he was a girl he would date WOODZ because he is funny and always seeks joy, so there is no reason to be bored when you are with him.

Despite his aesthetic and cool aura, WOODZ is actually the cutest when he’s acting adorable. We have to take a moment to appreciate it.

Boy Crush: The Immeasurable Talent That Is WOODZ, Why He Deserves All Of The Recognition And More

WOODZ is also extremely talented when it comes to variety content. He is effortlessly hilarious and can make people laugh very naturally. He also loves teasing those around him and especially MOODZ.

In fact, SeungWoo described WOODZ’s duality to a tee when he said that Cho SeungYoun is like a cute kid next door but WOODZ is a deeper character who thinks a lot. He was speaking on some of the hurt and struggles that WOODZ has had to overcome, including how much he thinks about his artistic journey in the past and going forward.

WOODZ is known for being vulnerable with his fans and being open about mental health. He engraves all of this into his music and has said before that he hopes he can be a source of comfort for anyone who listens to it.

WOODZ has expressed relatable struggles such as self-doubt and the hope to let go of his thoughts regarding his perception. He has even been outspoken about how he was affected by some stumbling blocks in his career. One of his biggest strengths as a human is his ability to get back up and show a better side of himself each time.

The reason why WOODZ’s music is even more of a gift to MOODZ is that they are well aware of the thought that has gone into its creation. Be it the actual production process or the mental struggles that WOODZ has overcome to create it, they are one of the most grateful fandoms as they can appreciate how much WOODZ has grown and is continuously growing. This is all thanks to his respectable transparency.

Boy Crush: The Immeasurable Talent That Is WOODZ, Why He Deserves All Of The Recognition And More


From his immeasurable amount of talent to the way that he loves his fans, we can’t wait to see how much higher WOODZ’s career will go.

WOODZ just made a comeback with his 4th mini-album “COLOURFUL TRAUMA“. Make sure to support his new music, especially the title song ‘I hate you’.


Honestly, there is not enough space on the internet for us to write WOODZ’s praises, but we hope that this was a good introduction.

What do you think? Do you have a crush on WOODZ?


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