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Boy Crush: The Breathtaking Walking Charisma That Is SF9’s RoWoon And His All-Rounder Charm

Boy Crush: The Breathtaking Walking Charisma That Is SF9’s RoWoon And His All-Rounder Charm

If you are a Kpopmap reader, you would’ve noticed an ongoing weekly series called “Girl Crush” that explores women in the Korean industry that many admire and have a crush on.

Welcome to the thirty-sixth article of our weekly series “Boy Crush“! This series will appreciate the men in K-Pop and K-Dramas that we have a crush on based on anything from their style, talent, personality, overall vibe, etc. We will learn more about the most crushable boys in the Korean industry and their incredible achievements.

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Back to this week’s feature!

Let’s get to know our crush, RoWoon!

RoWoon is famous as a member of the fantastical boy group SF9. The members are known for their unreal talent that makes them seem like a FANTASY (which also happens to be their fandom name). RoWoon is not only a talented idol within the group but also one of the most sought-after idol actors in the Korean drama industry at the moment. RoWoon has stunned fans time and time again with his all-rounder charm and we’re going to take a close look at it in this article.

✨✨FANTASY, are you ready? ✨✨

If you’re new to RoWoon, here is some basic information about him. Kim SeokWoo (RoWoon’s birth name) was born on August 7, 1996. He grew up receiving a lot of love and following deep faith which is evident when looking at his personality now.

When it came to achieving his dream, it didn’t come easily. RoWoon had a long training period of 6 years. However, his spirit of perseverance and diligent attitude dictated his inevitable success.

RoWoon debuted as a member of SF9 in 2016. Since his debut, RoWoon has played an anchored and central role in the group.

Firstly, his vocals can be described as none other than sophisticated. His rich medium-low register voice is like an attractive hum that soothes the soul and calms the heart, much like his existence. Additionally, his ability to pull off high notes proves his wide vocal range, too.

One of the things that set RoWoon apart is his ability to tell a story through his voice. Granted, most singers can do this by simply singing the lyrics, but RoWoon takes it a step further. RoWoon identifies a narrative in the song and changes his vocal tone, technique, and delivery to add emotion to the story that he is telling. He is the vocalist who leaves you feeling empathetic and comforted after he sings his final note.

Check out his live performance of ‘No Goodbye In Love’.

This is also part of what makes him such a splendid actor, but we’ll get more into that later.

RoWoon is an incredible dancer, too. Unfortunately, he has to avoid doing intense movements when performing choreography due to injuries. However, that doesn’t change his original dance prowess.

He is known for his clean dance lines and graceful stage presence. The way that he utilizes his limbs to elongate dance moves gives the choreography an elegant air, which he deserves so much more credit for.

His dance skills are chef’s kiss, to say the least.

Check out this fancam of him performing ‘RPM’.

Next, we have to get into RoWoon’s acting skills.

When it comes to acting, RoWoon is a man who wears many hats. Regardless of the genre, he can do it all.

Do you want to watch a romantic high school drama? “Extraordinary You” (2019) is your best bet with RoWoon as a sweet character who will turn you into his fan for life.

Do you want to watch a gripping historical drama? You’ll fall for RoWoon’s fun-loving and bright character within “The King’s Affection” (2021)’s riveting storyline in no time.

Do you want to watch a compelling drama about the evils of society? RoWoon’s role in “Tomorrow” (2022) will wow you with the way he shows empathy for the victims of said society and will make you smile through the comic relief he provides.

These are only a few of the notable roles that he has acted in. Some RoWoon’s other K-Dramas that you should definitely check out include his main role in “She Would Never Know” and support roles in “About Time“, “School 2017“, and more.

RoWoon’s eyes are especially part of what makes his acting so special. They are like a portal into his character’s soul. He tells a compelling story with them that is hard not to fall for; add that to his vocal storytelling and the deal is sealed.

These charms and his winning smile manifest in his variety show and MC activities, too. RoWoon can do it all with breathtaking charisma. In fact, one could argue that RoWoon is walking charisma himself.

The above is all proof of the fact that RoWoon is an admirable all-rounder. Even veteran idols such as SHINee’s Key have acknowledged RoWoon’s all-rounder charm. ✨

With his striking facial proportions and full features, RoWoon has biaswrecker visuals. He is the type of visual that is so handsome that no bias is safe when he is around. He has been known to steal the attention of other fandoms even at events such as ISAC (the “Idol Star Athletics Championships”). Even if you’re not RoWoon’s fan, you won’t be able to stop yourself from admiring his Adonis-like looks.

To quote one FANTASY,

“Those vocals with those visuals? RoWoon has NO MERCY.”

Boy Crush: The Breathtaking Walking Charisma That Is SF9's RoWoon And His All-Rounder Charm

SF9 RoWoon’s Instagram

Boy Crush: The Breathtaking Walking Charisma That Is SF9's RoWoon And His All-Rounder Charm


We couldn’t agree more!

Let’s not forget his fit physique either. It’s obvious with that height and muscular body that RoWoon is the perfect walking example of a model. However, it’s more than that which makes his body proportions stand out. RoWoon exudes an aura that is palpably impressive.

Boy Crush: The Breathtaking Walking Charisma That Is SF9's RoWoon And His All-Rounder Charm

men’s uno

As handsome as RoWoon is, his visuals can also be described as wholesome. He is well-known for the fact that his visuals appeal to people of all ages. No matter the age or gender, many people find RoWoon extremely handsome, which you can see in his variety show appearances such as when he appeared on the show “Let’s Eat Dinner Together“. Not only were the hosts Kang HoDong and Lee KyungKyu fascinated by how handsome RoWoon is, but each member of the family that he dined with (from teenage to adult) was taken by him, too.

With that said, there is no doubt that RoWoon is known for being one of the finest visuals in K-Pop. However, he is more than just his handsome looks. FANTASY and RoWoon himself have said that as much as he appreciates being complimented for his looks, they hope that more people can appreciate him for his efforts.

As we mentioned before, RoWoon is a hardworking and diligent person. In fact, on top of his talent, this attitude is a huge reason that so many directors and producers end up wanting to work with the star.

To describe his personality in one sentence, RoWoon is the type of guy that you want to bring home to meet your parents.

As an INFJ (as of June 2022), RoWoon can seem introverted to those who don’t know him well. However, he is actually quite talkative and a jokester who loves to laugh.

RoWoon is observant and pre-empts the needs of others before they even express anything.

This directly translates into his down-to-earth attitude as he expresses gratitude to his fans in everything he does.

Boy Crush: The Breathtaking Walking Charisma That Is SF9's RoWoon And His All-Rounder Charm


He is also an extremely affectionate and family-oriented being. RoWoon is such a filial son that he often worries about his parents, especially as they’re aging. Not only is he close with his parents but RoWoon has expressed that one day when he becomes a parent himself, he wants to be a friend-like parent to his child.

Consideration towards fans and those around him? This should be considered RoWoon’s specialty. RoWoon always wants to make sure that his fans appreciate him without feeling pressured in any way. This goes hand-in-hand with his nature as the ultimate caregiver. You can always see RoWoon taking care of those around him; his members, his co-workers, his fans, and staff members can all attest to his kind-hearted nature.

One staff member from the set of “Extraordinary You” once testified about how polite and generous RoWoon is. The staff member spoke about how RoWoon went the extra mile on set to make everyone feel appreciated, too.

Here are some random but cute final facts about RoWoon:

RoWoon loves reading as he believes that it broadens his perspective on the world. He enjoys reading about psychology, philosophy, and other deep topics. This is all part of his curious personality.

He’s severely afraid of bugs and bees. It’s especially adorable because, despite his tall height and rugged image, he gets the creeps just looking at these creatures.

Here’s a cute compilation to watch when you need a mood boost.

Finally, despite being allergic to cats, he is a cat lover and has raised an adorable furball named Choco. When asked about how he raised a cat with an allergy, RoWoon said that he initially thought that he just had a tendency of catching bronchitis and his eyes swelling, but it turned out to be an allergy to animal fur. However, that wasn’t enough to change his affection.

We’ll finish off this article with this GIF of how RoWoon makes us feel.

There is a lot more to explore about RoWoon and not enough space on this page to sing his praises, but we hope this article was a good start for new FANTASY to get to know about RoWoon.

If you’re a FANTASY already, let us know in the comments what you love most about RoWoon!

What do you think? Do you have a crush on RoWoon?


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