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Body/Negative Shares New Single “Everett” Featuring Midwife

Body/Negative Shares New Single “Everett” Featuring Midwife

Body / Negative, the enigmatic and ethereal musical project, has returned with a mesmerizing new single that is set to captivate listeners. Titled “Everett” and featuring the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Midwife, this song is a haunting journey into the depths of ambient and experimental soundscapes.

“Everett” is a sonic tapestry that weaves together ethereal textures, evocative lyrics, and a sense of otherworldly beauty. Body / Negative’s signature approach to crafting music that’s both intimate and distant is on full display here. The delicate intertwining of instrumentation and vocals creates an atmosphere that invites listeners to explore their innermost emotions.

Midwife’s haunting contribution to the track adds an extra layer of depth, and her ethereal voice melds seamlessly with the dreamlike soundscape that Body / Negative is known for. The result is a song that feels like a journey through a hazy, hypnotic dream.

Body / Negative has been a pioneer in crafting music that defies genre boundaries and pushes the boundaries of experimental sound. To delve deeper into the artist’s evolution and previous works, be sure to check out our past stories on this unique musical project.

“Everett” is not just a song;…

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