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Bias Duality: The Wonder Boy Of South Korea, Park JiHoon Is The Heartthrob We Just Can’t Get Enough Of


Welcome to the 56th article of Kpopmap’s weekly series exploring the amazing duality of K-Pop idols, actors, models, and more! Every week, we shine the spotlight on one artist who embodies the very essence of duality and has mastered the flair of harnessing their multifaceted talent to create the most brilliant, versatile art we have ever seen. As effortless as they make their craft look, there’s a universe of talent that brings their hard work to fruition, and we must show appreciation where it’s due.

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This week’s Bias Duality article is dedicated to a prodigy in the truest sense of the word, Hallyu’s pride, Park JiHoon. With 87.2%% of the total votes cast by Kpopmap readers on the poll in our previous “Bias Duality” article, Park JiHoon was chosen by an overwhelming majority of fans to appear on this series!

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Now onto our bias!


Boy Next Door To Man Of Our Dreams: Park JiHoon’s Personal Duality & Evolution

If you’re a new K-Pop fan and you’re looking for the perfect ace, you’ve come to the right place. Park JiHoon is what I call the complete package and then some. Singer, dancer, rapper, actor, gamer, beatboxer, and all-rounder, Park JiHoon is also the comfort idol of millions, the one whose shoulder is always there for MAY to lean on, one whose words bring calmness, love, light, and laughter and most importantly, someone whose art is truly inspiring.

Park JiHoon made his first foray into the entertainment scene when he was but a wee lad. As a child actor in dramas like “Jumong”, “The King and I”, “Kimchi Cheese Smile”, and “Iljimae”, he stole the nation’s heart with his adorable albeit impressive skills. Soon, he became a popular face in entertainment shows, and musical theatre, with one of his most iconic appearances being his crying contest against G-Dragon of BIGBANG on “KM Idol World” (which he won). Perhaps, the first signs of Park JiHoon’s explosive duality had started to show themselves right about then.

Baby JiHoon became known for his innate talent and knack for performance and even more so for his innocent charm. Years later, he appeared on the second season of “Produce 101” and once again, captured hearts, but this time, the whole world was enchanted. He was no longer a baby, but he was still brimming with aegyo and this aegyo, coupled with his striking machismo, became the X factor that made him stand out.

Park JiHoon’s legendary catchphrase “nae maeum soge jeojang“, which roughly translates to, “save (you) in my heart”, paired with his signature aegyo pose, made waves nationwide and even reached the President’s office! It was also crowned the hottest catchphrase of the first half of 2017 by The Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA). Talk about impact!

Throughout his run on the show, Park JiHoon consistently ranked among the top 3 and ultimately finished second, debuting in one of the representative musical acts of the 3rd generation of K-Pop, WANNA ONE.

Bias Duality: The Wonder Boy Of South Korea, Park JiHoon Is The Heartthrob We Just Can't Get Enough Of

Wanna One’s Twitter

Thus began Park JiHoon’s journey as a full-fledged global idol and icon, standing for brilliance and perfection. After successfully wrapping up his activities with WANNA ONE, Park JiHoon debuted as a soloist and reached newer peaks of victory and accomplishment. The rest, as we know it, is golden history in the making.

When it comes to personality, Park JiHoon is the epitome of charisma and cuteness, allure and appeal, playfulness and poise. He embodies the essence of scintillating eminence with a dazzling disposition that could make anyone’s heart beat faster. His inner strength is just as august as his outward appearance, and his sincere temperament is absolutely delightful. Park JiHoon is truly a gift to the world, and we are thrilled to be living in the same era as him.

Another aspect of Park JiHoon’s personality that is undeniably magnetic is the way he is so kind, gentle and considerate. He is affectionate and doesn’t hesitate to show it. He humors his loved ones to no end, making sure that they feel seen, heard, and loved. Catering to his members’ needs and wishes, making them laugh, motivating, and indulging them genuinely made him happy.

At the same time, teasing them, making them flustered, and demanding to be showered with love were just as enjoyable to him. He loves to eat just as much as he loves feeding his members. He’s the proud puppy papa of Max, his pet dog, which is probably why he is so good at using his own puppy eyes to get what he wants.

Even the WANNA ONE members admitted to Park JiHoon’s duality, going as far as declaring that there are 2 JiHoons! While one is a darling bunny, the other is a roaring lion. If that’s not fascinating, we don’t know what is!

Park JiHoon also has a whole spectrum of sides to him when he’s interacting with MAY. On occasions, he is like a younger lover who can’t live without MAY, other times, he’s like an older brother, reassuring MAY that everything will be alright. He can be possessive, endearing, and dewy-eyed but also mature, wise, and reliable.

After all, he can show all these sides to MAY only because he is incredibly comfortable and at one with them, which speaks volumes of how precious their relationship is. This is probably why when JiHoon cries (while still looking as handsome as ever), you want to cry with him, and when he smiles, the world smiles back.

Once when a fan confessed to JiHoon that they had scored a 0 on a test, he was quick to respond by saying that everything in this world starts at 0 and that we all learn from our mistakes and grow from there.

He might not have realized the significance of what he said at that moment, but we’re sure it helped innumerable people pick themselves up from a dark place in their lives. That’s the kind of effect Park JiHoon has on his people, his MAY, and nothing is more admirable than that.


An Expression Of The Soul: Park’s JiHoon’s Duality As An Idol

Park JiHoon’s versatility as a performer manifests itself most strongly through his voice and stage presence. JiHoon has a distinct artistic colour that is not only unique but also rich. His vocals are immensely well-trained and polished, which gives him an effortless, silky tone. At the same time, his dancing talent is also flawlessly immaculate. This is, of course, the fruit of his tireless hard work, the labor of love, and he rightfully flaunts it, allowing it to shine in all its deserved glory.

When Park JiHoon comes on stage, all eyes are fixated on him. He has a way of enthralling the audience, drawing them in, and holding their attention before leaving them speechless. His penchant for facial expressions, starting from the iconic wink that earned him the nickname WinkOp or “Wink Oppa” to the inimitable aegyo, is simply mesmerizing.

The way his gaze can switch from a mysterious, passionate look to a sparkling, innocent one is truly a thing of wonder. With his discography being so versatile, Park JiHoon dabbles in a number of concepts, and with each, comes its own share of expressions. When JiHoon goes live with them, his stage duality comes out to play.

Park JiHoon becomes synonymous with power, and his moves hit hard. The energy he emits is radiant and irresistible, which is what makes his stage presence so magnificent. He owns the stage, and he knows it, and MAY are always there to make him feel like the King he is.

Speaking of live performances, Park JiHoon has one of the most stable and recognizable voices in all of K-Pop. His range is unmatched, and his vocal control is fine-tuned, which allows him to master technicality with more precision than any other. His upper register is worth high praise, but his lower register, which highlights his deep voice, is enough to make us swoon in a second.

Moreover, the subtle warm huskiness of his voice and the way he employs it to imbue a song with amplified emotion is telling of Park JiHoon’s inherent genius. The way Park JiHoon can go from a falsetto to a full-throated high note, from a love song to a heartbreak anthem, from a serenade to rock and roll, is testimony to his vocal duality. Usually, you’ll find this duality making itself known in JiHoon’s title tracks versus his b-sides, and it is always a welcome surprise.

Four recent stage performances that perfectly highlight Park JiHoon’s duality as an idol are ‘Serious’ & ‘Cheese’ from his 5th mini album “HOT&COLD” and WANNA ONE’s ‘Beautiful’ & ‘Energetic’ from the group’s reunion stage at the 2021 MAMA.

‘Serious’ is one of those stages that make you stop and think twice about how it is humanly possible to look this good, sound this heavenly, and also dance this brilliantly. It features vocal switch-ups that would make anyone sweat and choreography that’s no child’s play. One minute, his voice is sultry and sweet, whereas, in the next, it is assertive and clear. Similarly, the dance is detail-oriented but also grand, which is seriously demanding. As always, Park JiHoon kicks it out of the park, and we’re left in awe.

If ‘Serious’ is Park JiHoon is night mode, ‘Cheese’ is day mode through and through. From the bright and cheery mood of the song to the flirty lyrics and the light-hearted yet lyrical choreography, this performance is saved in our hearts forever – *nae maeum soge jeojang*! The lover boy fantasy JiHoon is serving is everything we could have asked for and more. His smile is priceless, and the blonde hair is giving golden retriever energy. Could he get any more perfect?

Next, we have rapper JiHoon with his elegant prince concept in ‘Beautiful’, and his deep voice is taking the spotlight. His verse in ‘Beautiful’ is unforgettable, to say the least, and gives us goosebumps every single time. Perhaps the effect it has always had was intensified tenfold during WANNA ONE’s reunion stage because the sentimentality of it was just off the charts, but either way, it will always make us weak in the knees.

Finally, we could not possibly conclude without the song that started it all – WANNA ONE’s ‘Energetic’. This performance speaks for itself because words aren’t enough to express its greatness. It stands as irrefutable proof of the fact that WANNA ONE will always be one of the most cherished and talented K-Pop groups of all time. Park JiHoon’s duality as a performer rings loud and clear here, and it is spellbinding.


Stage To Screen: Park JiHoon’s Duality As An Actor

Park JiHoon’s expressiveness has always been a quality that has set him a class apart. Ever since his child actor days, he has always shown an exceptional ability to express complex emotions and deliver more than just the demand of the script.

Even at that young age, JiHoon knew exactly how to construct a well-rounded character that leaves a mark on the audience. Clearly, he has a flair for storytelling, and it becomes evident in his acting. In addition, Park JiHoon’s chemistry with his co-stars is top-tier, adding to the immersion of the narratives.

At the time of writing, Park JiHoon has 9 K-Dramas under his belt, including guest roles, and he was recently cast as Yeon ShiEun in the webtoon-based drama “Weak Hero”.

Now, the very presence of Park JiHoon in a drama is a hallmark of quality because he is always seeking to evolve as an actor and puts his best foot forward regardless of the character he is playing.

Just within the last few years, Park JiHoon has played a wide range of characters in diverse genres such as historical drama and campus romance, which is testimony to his versatility. If we look into his characters, an even more prominent duality jumps out, and it is every bit as outstanding as you’d expect.

For instance, Park JiHoon plays Go YoungSoo in “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency”, who is responsible for bringing out the best version of his clients. He is the maknae of the matchmaking crew and an “image consultant” ahead of his time. However, he’s a layered character whose current personality is built around his past trauma. Park JiHoon revealed in an interview that Go YoungSoo is a character that is quite different from him, and as such, he had to study him in great detail to better understand the nuances of his personality. To a viewer, however, Park JiHoon and Go YoungSoo had become one, and that is the merit of an excellent actor.

Similarly, both “Love Revolution” and “At A Distance, Spring Is Green” are campus romances, but his characters are diametrically opposed. Gong JooYoung of “Love Revolution” is spirited, peppy, and vibrant, whereas Yeo Joon of “At A Distance, Spring Is Green” is a popular university student who comes from a rich family and seems to have it all yet suffers from deep-seated loneliness and pain owing to the domestic abuse he has been enduring all his life.

As the drama progresses, Yeo Joon heals and grows, opens up his heart, and lets his guard down, which is nothing short of an act of sheer bravery to him. The way Park JiHoon depicts this change is veritably splendid.

Bias Duality: The Wonder Boy Of South Korea, Park JiHoon Is The Heartthrob We Just Can't Get Enough Of


Park JiHoon’s upcoming drama “Weak Hero” tells the story of a peculiarly unassuming and vulnerable-looking new student, Yeon ShiEun, at a high school full of bullies. In an institution where the weak are targeted without mercy, ShiEun fights back using a deft understanding of human psychology and his extraordinary analytical skills as tools. For ShiEun, his brains are his brawn, and he is the eponymous “weak hero”. There could not have been a more perfect fit for this character than Park JiHoon, and you can expect the fire of his duality to burn brighter than ever in this role.


When The Suave JiHoon Meets The Adorable JiGoo – Park JiHoon’s Aesthetic Duality

To come this far and not appreciate Park JiHoon’s visual duality would be a disservice to the wondrous world of his aesthetic. Park JiHoon is someone who doesn’t even need a runway to look like a model. He could be walking down the street to get some snacks, and we’d be convinced that he was filming a CF. Even his selfies look like they belong on the cover of a magazine, and no, this is not just the MAY in us speaking.

With his impeccable and godly visuals, Park JiHoon’s duality becomes even more prominent. He could puff up his cheeks, and we would melt, but if he looked down at the camera with his jawline on display, it would suddenly get a little too hot to handle. This binary translates to his wardrobe seamlessly because he looks just as fine in pajamas as he does in royal attire. Be it hanboks or hoodies, suits, or satin shirts, Park JiHoon is picture-perfect, and we love to see it!

While photoshoots, b-cuts, pictorials, and concept photos are definitely glamorous, the best place to explore JiHoon’s aesthetic duality is on his Instagram feed (@0529.jihoon.ig). In case you’re not one of the 3.2 million people who follow him already, it’s time you do this for yourself. A little self-care goes a long way!

Regardless of the capacity in which Park JiHoon comes to us, whether that be as an idol, an actor, a fashion icon, an entertainer, a role model, a thespian, a philanthropist, a climate change ambassador or simply as a person, he is always pleasantly full of surprises. He is so incredibly versatile and unthinkably talented that it makes him unpredictable in the most celebrated way possible.

Bias Duality: The Wonder Boy Of South Korea, Park JiHoon Is The Heartthrob We Just Can't Get Enough Of

Park JiHoon’s Twitter

Currently, Park JiHoon is gearing up for his first ever offline solo concert since his solo debut – PARK JIHOON 2022 CONCERT ‘CLUE’, scheduled for October 9 and 10, 2022, while preparing for his comeback in September. Until then, MAY he keep blessing us with his extraordinary talent, otherworldly visuals, and angelic personality because we clearly can never have enough.

What is your favorite thing about Park JiHoon’s duality? Tell us in the comments section down below!


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