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Ari Lennox, Please Don’t Let This Be Your Last Tour


Even if this is her last tour, the Ari Lennox concert at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre proved she’s already a celebrated neo-soul artist.

Last year, after releasing her highly-anticipated sophomore album Age/Sex/Location and announcing a tour in support of the project, Ari Lennox ended 2022 with a surprising revelation — that this would be her last tour. In a since-deleted tweet, the singer wrote: “Age Sex Location will be my last tour. I love my genuine fans so much and can’t wait to give you my all every night.” A number of fans responded to the news, saddened to hear that if that they didn’t get tickets for this upcoming tour, they may never get the chance to see an Ari Lennox concert ever again.

Although the message surely came as a surprise, it felt like an extension of the dissatisfaction Lennox has either explicitly spoken or alluded to in regards to her music career in recent years. In 2019, she was snubbed at the Soul Train Awards, hoping to receive a trophy for her beloved debut album Shea Butter Baby. In response, the artist voiced her frustrations on Twitter, where the since-deleted tweets found her explaining why winning an award meant so much to her, as well as her seemingly saying that she was…

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