Amber Liu shares music videos for new singles ‘Blue’ and ‘Vegas’


    Amber Liu shares music videos for new singles ‘Blue’ and ‘Vegas’

    Taiwanese-American singer Amber Liu – who also performs in South Korean girl group f(x) – has released two new singles and their accompanying music videos.

    The tracks, titled ‘Blue’ and ‘Vegas’, were released last Friday (April 30). The former is performed entirely in Mandarin and hears Liu cope with the aftermath of a breakup over a thick R&B beat. It also features a fiery guest verse from Higher Brothers’ Masiwei.

    In the accompanying music video for ‘Blue’, Liu is depicted alone in a house, drinking and trashing the place in an attempt to get over the heartbreak. Meanwhile Masiwei, who also makes a brief appearance during his verse, reads a book that’s on fire.


    Watch the video below.

    ‘Vegas’, on the other hand, is performed in English. It also offers fans a look at the softer side of Liu’s persona as she reminisces on the brighter parts of a relationship. On it, she wishes that she could return to Las Vegas with her partner where they enjoyed their time together.

    I can’t see us, but I know that I can bet on us / Believe in me, like I do you, I know it’s hard to trust / So take my hand let’s get lost, within these city lights,” she sings.

    Watch the music video for ‘Vegas’ below.


    Amber Liu made her debut in 2009 as part of the South Korean girl group f(x). The group have remained inactive since their 2016 single ‘All Mine’, which was released as part of SM Entertainment’s SM Station. Their last album together was 2015’s ‘4 Walls’.

    In 2019, Liu – alongside her groupmates Victoria Song and Luna – parted ways with SM in order to pursue a solo career. She later released several solo projects, including ‘X’ and ‘Rogue Rouge’ in 2020.

    Earlier this year, Liu returned with two versions of the single ‘Neon’. The original version featured BtoB member Peniel, while the Mandarin version featured rapper Blow Fever.

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