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Album Review: Sam Fender – Live From Finsbury Park


Fender Blows Fans Away in Biggest Performance Yet

One of the most promising UK acts, Sam Fender, released his second album Seventeen Going Under on October 8, 2021. After more pandemic restrictions were lifted and big concerts took place once again, Fender announced his Seventeen Going Under Tour. On May 9, 2022 Sam Fender sold out 45 thousand tickets for his concert at Finsbury Park, his biggest show to date. Blown away and deciding it shall be one to remember, the concert was promptly recorded, and made into a live album. 

“Will We Talk? (Live From Finsbury Park)” is the album’s opener. It is a short energetic banger, relying on the drums and guitar for its vivacity. Sam Fender’s voice is strong and raspy on this track, which tells the tale of two people who are about to go home with each other after a drunken night out. It’s unexpectedly sweet and youthful, yet not naive.

“Getting Started (Live From Finsbury Park)” tells the story of a young, 18 year old artist trying to make it in the industry, trying to find his place in a place that doesn’t allow for just anyone. Fender sings “I’m only getting started / Don’t mean to be disheartened / Felt like I’ve given up many times before, but…

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