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Album Review: Photo Ops – Burns Bright

Album Review: Photo Ops – Burns Bright

Authentic, Vulnerable and Playful

Photo Ops’ new album, Burns Bright, serves as an authentic look into human darkness. He opens the album by standing in the shadows and taking pride in his vulnerability. In this acoustic, folk-indie album, Photo Ops presents us with a personal, raw and honest look into the tedious tendencies of human emotion.

His experience feels personalized yet ambiguous, allowing his listeners to connect with him as an artist, but also to see themselves in the monotonous, relatable experiences of everyday life. He scarcely uses personal anecdotes and instead touches on the minute details of the mundane, such as the moments before someone leaves for a while, the people you see in a park, or the sounds of the highway, creating a universal, relatable experience.

Photo Ops opens the album with “Stand In The Shadows,” which is accompanied by a stripped-back playful piano sound. He gently commemorates the honesty and visibility of being open about his anxieties against the backdrop of a cheerful piano melody. He sets the tone for an open and honest album, relaying his anxieties with the everyday, outwardly expressing his pride in “being alive” and refusing to hide from his own darkness.

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