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Album Review: Palehound – Eye on the Bat

Album Review: Palehound – Eye on the Bat

Relatable and Real

Like many other artists, El Kempner’s main project Palehound is releasing music for the first time post-COVID. The new album, entitled Eye on the Bat, makes that period of time seem so long ago with its vivid scenes of life being lived, making the listen a very refreshing one for those looking to feel something. The title itself is a very good indication of what you’re in for, nodding to the lyric that inspired the track and the album’s titles, “’Cause suckers will all tell you to keep watching for the ball, but we know better than that, keep your eye on the bat.”

Eye on the Bat is a fairly easy listen, never overstepping its boundaries musically. That isn’t to say experimentation is nowhere to be found, the album is actually quite colorful and full of artistic freedom. At its center, however, the album’s ten tracks settle comfortably into the core elements of the indie rock genre they subscribe to; laid back drum grooves and bass driven verses with tasteful guitars, both electric and acoustic, fronted with raw vocals coupled with strong and intelligent lyric writing.

The album also harbors all sorts of ear-worms, including the insanely catchy guitar riff that sprinkles itself…

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