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Album Review: Doe Paoro – Divine Surrendering


Album Review: Doe Paoro – Divine Surrendering

Music for healing

Songstress and healer Doe Paoro released her latest EP Divine Surrendering, on June 10th, 2022. Coming in at five tracks long, this is her first project since her 2021 album 432Hz Chakra Suite, Vol 1. Paoros music aims to heal and raise the consciousness of listeners, helping them connect with themselves and their inner peace. 

The project begins with “All My Life is a Ceremony,” a gentle track with an accompaniment of string instruments. Paoro sings about how she is still learning and how she cherishes every moment of her life. The string interlude splits up the vocal sections and creates an interesting dynamic. It’s an excellent start to the EP and showcases Paoros’ vocal ability. 

Following the opener is “Phases,” which starts with just Paoro’s acapella vocals. An electric piano comes in, and the song builds from there. This is a more reflective, longing song, but the healing and relaxing elements are still present. She sings to the moon, asking for help in things such as being patient. “Phases” is very expressive and shows off Paoro’s vocal range.

Moving into “La Luna,” which begins with atmospheric outdoor sounds. Paoro’s vocals sound dreamy and distant, as if she’s singing to you on a warm summer night. The moon themes are present throughout several tracks and provides an illustration of a moon appearing on the album cover. Although relatively simple and stripped-back, “La Luna” remains equally expressive as the other songs on the album.

The title track sits at track four and begins feeling smooth and slightly jazzy. A different vibe from the previous three songs, “Divine Surrendering” is the most pop-esque song on this project. It sounds like it could be sung by a lounge singer, as it’s just Paoro’s vocals accompanied by a grand piano and a gentle drum pattern. This song is beautiful and it is clear to see why this was chosen as the title track.

The album wraps up with “Om Namo Amitabhaya”, a spiritual chant-sounding track with layered vocals and soaring high notes. This is the only track not in English and is a nice way to end an EP. It’s the shortest track on the album and is just vocals. It reflects Paoro’s themes of spirituality and healing in her music.

While this is a great project, “Divine Surrendering” sounds out of place amongst the rest of the tracklist. More consistency would have further solidified this EP, and perhaps choosing a different title that reflects more of the entire EP versus the singular stand-out song would have made it feel more cohesive.


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