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Album Review: Beyond The Black – Beyond The Black


A metal ballad album for the decade

Beyond The Black’s new self titled album comes off the heels of a three year hiatus and has an immediate spark out of the gates with their first track, “Is There Anybody Out There.” With an insanely catchy chorus and mammoth sized guitar licks, this song offers a brief view into what can only be described as a completely well-rounded album. Drawing on what seems to be a very theatrically driven sound full of synths and orchestras, they immediately set themselves apart from the metal genre and are pushing the boundaries of what fans are expecting to hear in the most positive ways. 

The following song titled “Reincarnation” is where the guitars really come to life.  Acoustic breakdowns backed by haunting vocals and lyrics push the guitar riffs to the forefront of this song and really allow the listeners to get a feel of the album’s direction sonically.  “Free Me” is a beautiful symphony of synths mixed with more chorus that gives off a rock opera feel that continues to take listeners on a melodic journey throughout the album. 

“Winter is Coming” is as classic of a metal song as one will find on this album while maintaining a very theatrical feel with what can…

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