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Album Review: Andrew Hung – Deliverance

Album Review: Andrew Hung – Deliverance

Quirky, Retro and Expressive

English musician and producer Andrew Hung released his new album, Deliverance, on August 11. Originally a co-founder of the electronic music duo Fuck Buttons, Hung began working on solo projects in 2015, with the release of his debut EP Rave Cave. Since then, Hung has explored a multitude of genres, including techno, synth-pop and indie rock. Deliverance puts Hung’s multi-genre skills on display, with an ‘80s-inspired twist. 

The opening track, “Ocean Mouth,” begins with cinematic, pulsating synth chords. Hard-hitting drums make an entrance that establish the driving tempo of this track. While the vibe is initially a bit low-key and gentle, Hung’s expressive vocals set up the ‘80s synth-pop feel that is heard throughout the rest of this album. His soulful and theatrical voice combined with the instrumental layering makes for a very eccentric and bold intro track.

The next track, “Find Out,” takes a much different techno-inspired approach. Thin drumbeats and Hung’s raspy, deep and slightly off-pitch vocals match the quirky and almost-humorous vibe of this track. There are also some interesting sounds and instruments heard throughout this tune that make it stand out…

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