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A K-Pop Idol Was Once Mistaken For The Son Of North Korea’s Dictator

A K-Pop Idol Was Once Mistaken For The Son Of North Korea’s Dictator

Back in 2009, A Swiss newspaper made a huge mistake when it published a photo of a K-Pop idol on the front and inside pages of their publication. Yet, although it could seem like a positive, the publication had mistakenly identified him as Kim Jong Un, the third and youngest son of Kim Jong Il.

Of course, everyone now knows what Kim Jong Un looks like as he is now the current leader of North Korea and looks anything but a K-Pop idol.

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un | Korean Central News Agency

Yet, the idol that was mistaken for the leader of North is none other than one of Super Junior‘s main vocalists, Yesung.

Super’s Junior’s Yesung | @yesung1106/Instagram

Since debuting in 2005, the idol has always gained attention for his flawless vocals and stage presence when performing and seems worlds away from the North Korean dictator.


In a past variety show appearance, the group actually spoke about the bizarre event. When introducing the segment, leader Leeteuk explained, “This is something that everyone avoided talking about…”

The host then explained all about the rumor that had viewers shocked as it was linked to North Korea. Considering how out of the blue the rumor was, it wasn’t surprising that Yesung and the guests on the show couldn’t hold back their laughter.

There is a rumor that Yesung is the third son of Kim Jong Il, the supreme leader of North Korea.

— Host

Leeteuk then went on to explain the story that had been included in a Swiss newspaper, using one of the idol’s pictures for the main article.

Yet, it seems like the Swiss newspaper wasn’t alone, and Yesung explained how he felt after realizing that several papers in Switzerland and Germany had written the same story, identifying the idol incorrectly.

Even though most K-Pop fans knew how silly the article was, Yesung hilariously set the rumors straight, explaining, “I am not related to him at all. My real name is Kim Jong Woon.” He then added that the photo must’ve been used when someone was searching for pictures, that they saw many of Yesung and used it.

What made Yesung laugh even more was that it was a picture from the group’s first album, Twins.

Yesung even explained that his father was definitely not a North Korean dictator.

He is working at an eyeglasses store in Myung Dong.

— Yesung

A lot of K-Pop idols have had rumors and news articles written about them in the past. Yet, very few, if any, have made international news outlets after being mistaken for the son of a North Korean dictator.

Source: LarrianLarrios1447 and KimChisoju