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'' 9-1-1: Lone Star' ' Lastly Gave T.K. and Carlos the Episode We Should have


'' 9-1-1: Lone Star ' Lastly Provided T.K. and Carlos the Episode We Deserve

It was an additional intense episode of Ryan Murphy’s hit drama 9-1-1: Lone Star last night, which goes two times as for our preferred couple, T.K. and Carlos.

In the past, we’ve provided Lone Star its roses. It’s got an excellent cast loaded with varied characters, including Brian Michael Smith as the very first Black trans man to be a series regular on network television. However when it concerned diving listed below the surface area with the show’s gay couple, Lone Star has actually always held back. Now that’s all changed.

Paramedic T.K. Hair and his boyfriend Carlos Reyes, a law enforcement officer, have been a couple on the program for a while now, however formerly, fans have actually been begging to see more of them together. While there have been lots of scenes of them talking, and small looks of theire relationship, love scenes have been rare. This latest airing gave us the deep dive into the coupling we’ve been craving. It was everything we desired from a Tarlos episode. (Their ship name is a portmanteau of their respective names.)

The set really went on a rollercoaster ride of feelings Monday night. First, their parents got to formally meet for the very first time, a huge step in any relationship. But soon, Carlos’ papa was apprehending T.K.’s papa and our favorite very first responder couple had an explosive fight. However do not stress, they returned together by the end of the episode.

It turned out that the arrest was a part of a plan by both daddies to capture a serial arsonist, and T.K. and Carlos are able to unwind and forgive each other. After talking about the extreme day, the couple began making out, shedding clothing as they made their method up to the bed room. It is among the hottest scenes in the show, and not even if Carlos’ home is catching fire as they construct out and strip each other.