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5 School Themed BL K-Dramas You Can Enjoy This Pride Month


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The month of June has been set as the month of pride where we create awareness for and celebrate individuals of the LGBTQ+ community. A group that for a long while has been marginalized by the majority, in the month of June, (and frankly every other month) the vibrant and beautiful colors of the rainbows are vividly visible, representing every individual on the spectrum, it speaks to the fact that love in all forms should be celebrated.

TV, dramas, and movies have been one of the creative platforms and outlets where individuals have been able to use real-life or fictional stories to inform, educate, or just outrightly express their views on life and the happenings around us. For many, showing off people who are just like them, telling their stories in various forms, styles, or genres, breeds the feeling of a community, a light that often than not signifies that “You truly are not alone”.

BL-themed dramas are some of the creative outlets that many are using to tell real-life stories about the LGBTQ+ community. While some might argue that these themed series are widely popular because of how cute and handsome the male couples are. Others find true meanings in the messages of the stories that are brilliantly told by this series and its actors.

In Korea, over the last 4 years, we have seen a rapid increase in the production of BL-themed drama series as more keen interest and eyes are being placed on this genre. A welcome development for many who enjoy the beauty of the K-Drama world and its riveting plots.

School-themed series has always been one of the favorite genres by many K-Drama faithfuls. This coming-of-age youth-themed storyline is always refreshing to watch, as it often captures the beauty of falling in love for the first time and an innocent-like view of the meaning of love and friendship.

This June (and thereafter), here are 5 School themed BL K-Dramas released so far, that you are sure to enjoy and find a deep but refreshing meaning from.


Brilliant and groundbreaking. The first-ever Korean BL series, set the pace for the rest as it gained a lot of recognition and appreciation from many viewers who were so swept away by the amazing storyline and the brilliant chemistry of the two main leads. Starring Han GiChan as TaeJu and Jang EuiSoo as Gook, the series follows the story of two high school students one who is the rich son and heir to a conglomerate and the other who is his bodyguard. Both harboring silent feelings for each other, a sudden interest from a third party sparks the need to address their true feelings as they sought to discover what being fated means and how they will be together despite the barriers set by some external forces.


In terms of popularity, where “Where Your Eyes Linger” left off, “Semantic Error” picked up from, as the BL series further expanded the global interest in this Korean BL dramas. Gripping and interesting, “Semantic Error” had our attention throughout its run as viewers expectantly tuned in every week to watch new episodes of the series. The campus romance drama starring Park SeoHam as Jang JaeYoung and DKZ’s JaeChan as Choo SangWoo tells the story of two university students who due to an unprecedented incident start to constantly interact as one (Jang JaeYoung) seeks to take revenge on Choo SangWoo, who made him fail a class. What starts off as a hateful relationship turns into a budding romance story as soon enough, they both realize their affection for each other is bigger than their conflicting personalities.


Perhaps the longest Korean BL series released so far, this slow and steady build-up led to one of the most heartwarming moments and realizations that made the hearts of viewers flutter. This teen romance drama stars Lee SaeOn as Woo TaeKyung, Kang YouSeok as No ShinWoo, and Choe ChanYi as Shin DaOn. A story about love, friendship, and acceptance the series vibrantly explores some of the issues that many in the LGBTQ+ communities face today. The pressures of always being perfect, the fear of coming out and rejection, as well as the criticism by the public. But asides from these negations, the resounding topic that soared above all was the love story that unfolded between the characters.


“Blueming” explores the quest for popularity and the motive behind it. Starring Kang EunBin as Cha Siwon and Cho HyukJun as Hyung DaWoon, the campus romance storyline follows two independent students, one who has seemingly worked so hard to become popular and well-liked by many and another who naturally gets the attention without doing too much. Their paths cross and what for a split second felt like a rivalry turned into a budding romance as both realize their attractions to each other. However, their budding romance story faces several hurdles as different barriers both internal and external, are set in place to prevent them from falling in love.


The 2 seasons drama is set in a school setting but with different plots. Season 1 tells the story of two high school students, YeonWoo a mono (played by Yoo Jun) an individual who can only see the world in grey tones and is in search of his mother, who went mysteriously missing, and YuHan (played by Hur HyunJun) a probe, who through his face, YeonWoo can see the world in colors. Their fated meeting is clouded by the stigma and stereotypes that the world has put on Monos and despite this their affection for each other takes precedent as YuHan seeks to help YeonWoo see the beautiful colors of the world.

The second season sees YeonWoo having another budding love interest, as this time, YuHan is missing and YeonWoo desperately seeks to find him. With the help of his classmate, the strong-willed SeHyun (played by VIXX’s Hyuk) they are faced with various challenges and in the midst of that, they also have to figure out the growing affection between them.

Which of these BL series have you watched or are you watching this pride month? Let us know in the comments section below.


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