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10+ Iconic Moments In K-Pop That Were Definitely Not Scripted


While a lot of K-Pop is necessarily scripted, there have been many iconic moments that were decidedly not. The fact that most K-Pop idols create plenty of reality content and hold live streams for fans means that there is a huge wealth of hilarious moments where they either went entirely off-script or where there wasn’t a script in the first place.

While this by no means covers it all, here are 12 of the most memorably iconic moments in K-Pop that were definitely not scripted!


1. BTS RM’s struggles in the kitchen

2. GOT7’s Jackson Wang accidentally breaking a table

3. WayV’s dog Bella peeing while Xiaojun was in the middle of a live stream

4. Stray Kids’ Felix and Bang Chan having the most chaotic game of UNO

5. SHINee’s Taemin attempting to act out a scene from Twilight

6. BTS forgetting that their mics were on

7. MAMAMOO Solar’s failed attempt at greeting BTS

8. NCT’s Johnny hilariously reading out a comment about Mark’s head

9. BTS Jungkook’s dog Bam doing his business while the cameras were rolling

10. ATEEZ’s San falling during a live-stream

11. Stray Kids’ Lee Know “feeding” tissues to Hyunjin

12. NCT’s Haechan starting a fire right after Yuta said he was a good cook

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